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I’ve been inspired a lot lately by a few great quotes and a couple of local businesses here in Hawaii. And I think there certainly —there’s lots in there for me to improve the way I work and the way we work as a business.

And I kind of hope that it inspires you to do something great for you as well.

So, let me give you like a little bit of a stack of like events —quotes, thoughts— inspirations…

So, I saw Jayson Gaignard, a great friend. Really, really class act; posted it on me on Facebook a couple of days ago…

It was a quote from a guy called Ramit Sethi.

He said, “There’s an entire generation of entrepreneurs all focused on working as little as possible instead of —all focused on how little they can work instead of how much value they can bring. They won’t last.

So, that’s kind of quote one. Here’s the second big idea…

Years ago, when I first became interested —intrigued— with and then finally obsessed with marketing and business, my uncle sent me this huge box.

It was like a treasure chest-sized cardboard box from Perth, and inside were a bunch of cassette tapes from seminars he’d been to over the last decade.

It’s where I met Jay Abraham through cassette tapes and got into marketing. Thank you to Uncle Brian for sending that through.

There was a cassette tape series of Michael Girboux when he came to Australia, and he was talking about how the best businesses in the world are obsessed and the best business owners are obsessed.

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like you care about certain things more than other people do — like how Disney steam cleans the car park every night to make sure it’s immaculate and spotless the next morning.

He was talking about how there’s a company who actually does steam-cleaning. They buffed their concrete and steam-cleaned the car park. They buff them to the most ridiculous shine every single night.

And when the guy goes to pitch a new deal, the CEO literally rides in on one of these buffers. Like, they’re obsessed with doing quality things in a quality way.

He had this throwaway line that’s just stuck with me. And it’s been bouncing around inside my heart for 20 years now.

So this next little thought means a ton to me, and  I hope that a little bit of it rubs off on you.

He said, “I’ve seen churches that are run like gas stations.”

Think about that for a second. Something that’s meant to be holy and sacred and revered, treated like a gas station.

And so, he goes, “I’ve seen churches that are run like gas stations. And I’ve seen gas stations that are run like churches.

And I’m just like, “Wow. What an idea that you could run something kind of…” as humble as a petrol station or a coaching business.

With that kind of awe and reverence and class —value— and build something that’s really extraordinary.

So, I want to talk to you today about building something great.

So, I’m on my way to this coffee shop in Hawaii. It’s called Local Joe. It’s run by a dude I met yesterday called Charlie. They roast their own.

He’s testing out new things; gave me a few different coffees to try yesterday —doing all sorts of things to create —he’s on a mission to create the best coffee in Hawaii —not so that he’s better than anyone else, but because he can and because he believes in quality and craft.

So, that really inspired me.

So, I’m walking back there because he’s a boss. Right? Because he’s building something great. Partners.

I went to another store about two days ago. It called Aesop. They make cosmetics, I suppose. Like, natural face washes and soaps. And I really like their deodorant.

I know it’s weird, but I like their deodorant.  It started off as a shop in Melbourne, where I grew up, and now, they’re big.

So, I went in there. And one of the things I love is that they have a couple of rituals which are really nice. One, I walked in and lady paused me a couple of their special tea. That’s nice hot day. A little sort of tea. Lovely.

I chose my stuff, I gave her the credit card, she charges it. She passes me the credit card back with two hands.

I think Japanese people do this. It might be cultural. They pass you their business card with two hands like it’s special, not just like it’s a card.

So, she passes me my credit card back with two hands and says, “Thank you.” And then when she gives me the little bag of stuff —they put it in a surplus bag— then they come around the counter, and they present it to you.

They don’t pass it to you over the counter, they make a point —every single time— of walking around the counter and passing you this thing with two hands and saying, “Thank you.”

I really love businesses that do stuff with quality.

And so, I guess the thing that this inspires me to do and the thing I hope it inspires you to do is to stop trying to get to do as little as possible for as much as you can get away with, and start to work as little as possible and start trying to add as much value as you can.

Let’s build something great.

We’ve got an incredible opportunity with technology to build extraordinary products.

So, let’s not send crap out there anymore and pretend it’s okay.

If nobody watches your stuff, or does the stuff, or doesn’t get any results, that’s not cool.

You only get one chance, as far as I know.

At this life, I mean, the Buddhists might be right. Maybe if you do bad things, you’d come back as a shopping trolley wheel. I mean, that’s completely possible.

As far as I know, we got one shot. Let’s just make the biggest difference we can and let’s build something great with our coaching businesses.

So, anyway, it’s just been bumping around in my head for the last 20 years and then spurred again by a post from Jason and a couple of other conversations, and then this coffee shop yesterday.

Hope that inspires you a little bit today.

I’m on my way to Local Joe. And shoes off, the grass is feeling nice.

Let’s build something great. Cool?

Anyway, so, do with whatever you will, no clear call-to-action today other than ‘What if you could build something extraordinary?’

Do something that lasts. Be like Charlie down here at Local Joe, and make the best damn coffee in Hawaii because you can.

One of our company values is Class. And by that, we don’t mean just treating people in a classy way, although we do that too, but let’s put something world-class.

We don’t paint, we don’t sculpt, we treat this as our art. Let’s build something beautiful together, hey. Take good care, guys, and I’ll see you soon.


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