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How to Break $1M in Your Coaching Business in the Next 12 Months

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I’m going to show you how to kick more ass, take more names and boost your business in the next 90-days.

We just finished up our Black Belt Intensive in Sydney and in LA about a week or two ago, and from there I shot out to here in the Philippines where I’m shooting this video for you right now but one of the things that we innovated, improved, or made even better inside of the Black Belt Intensive was we had:

Day One – Master Class
Day Two – Implementation Day

Which means that the whole day was focused on getting stuff done, not learning, but doing!

By the way, in any kind of training program, if you want to know if this is going to be the right kind of training program for me, you want to have a 30:70 ratio between learning and doing. If it’s all learning, you’re just going to get a head-full and a notebook full of to-dos, if you aren’t going to get the work done in the room, well frankly, you’re never going to implement it like you want to. Anyway, that’s beside the point.

Understanding The Project Placemat ™

I want to talk to you quickly about implementation and execution because the last session on our final day in the implementation day, we use a neutral in Black Belt called The Project Placemat™ – a gigantic, sort of jumbo-sized project planner and it’s got a bunch of things on it including how to track your number of clients, your monthly dollars income, your number of leads generated for the month that we track towards, you know, from target to result; it’s got your three projects with your own filters in between, and down at the bottom is the part that I really want to talk to you about.

Because whether you’ve got The Project Placemat™ or not, it’s a great tool, but whether you’ve got one or not, I want you to be thinking about the next 90-days and thinking about sprinting!

See most coaches they treat their business like a marathon. You know, every week, more of the grind; every month, more of the grind; every year’s more of the grind – you sort of thinking about it as every year is four 90-day sprints.

So if we had a sprint over the next 90-days, between now and whatever day you’re watching this, and the next 90-days, I’ve got a question for you – think about the next 90-days, what’s the theme that you’d love, the one theme that you’d like to focus on over the next 90-days?

What’s your theme?

So, for some of my clients, it’s on Authority Marketing. So the whole theme is about getting the website ready and shooting great videos like this, producing awesome content – rather than just launch a killer webinar. So the whole quarter is about building a webinar – that will take the first couple of weeks in there – and marketing the webinar, filling it, selling it and perfecting that kind of webinar craft and close.

Either this is about launching a brand new leverage coaching program. I want to know what’s your theme for the quarter.

Measuring your Performance

Next up, if that’s your theme, what numbers, what stats, what KPIs would you hit to let you know you are on track for that theme?
So if that’s your theme – how would you know you’re there?

What are your numbers?

Is it a number of dollars, number of leads, number of clients, something else – number of working hours – what’s the number?

How would you measure that? I want you to just take a moment and write down “This is my theme and how do I measure it!”

So we’ve gone theme, measures and targets – next up, projects! If that’s your theme and that’s your KPIs, what three projects would you need to nail in the next 90-days to make sure you hit the targets and live true to your theme, right?

Just map out each project in detail – the context to how people get it, the consequences if you get it right, the consequences if you don’t, and then the criteria – how would you know if you run a project, plan it down – How are we going to go from here to there, quickly.

Each 90-day sprint, for my team, me and for my clients – it goes like this – you know my Black Belt is theme, targets, projects, actions. And then each week, we go over post-it notes to go over the action section and we map out, here are the three actions we need to do this week to move the project forward, to meet my targets, live true to my theme. Does that help?

So here’s a question I’ve got for you:

Do you have a theme for the quarter?

If you do, place it in the comments below and if you don’t, if you didn’t have a theme and you had to create one right now, what should the next 90-days be about for you?

Please leave me a comment below. Tell me what the theme is going to be for you over the next 90-days. Then we can go to the targets, projects, and action but right now, let’s start with the theme.


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