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I want to show you my number one favourite question to ask in every sales appointment if you want them to be buying from you instead of you having to push your stuff on them. It’s called the Decision Question.

When the Decision Question First Came to Me

About a year, or maybe a year and a half ago, I got a referral to a personal trainer. At the time I was working pretty hard, didn’t feel like my head was clear, I felt like I was doing a lot of brain work and not enough with my body and I wanted to get a PT to get me into shape.

So I rang this guy, he was referred to me by a couple of my mates, and I rang him and I said, “Hey Dan, I’ve heard really good things about you from Dale and Andy. Love to talk to you about maybe becoming my personal trainer and doing some training with you.”

“So Taki, it’s really good that you’re calling me but why are you calling me and why are you calling me now?”

And I was floored and it was, kind of, a little bit blunt I thought, but it was the perfect question! What happened in the next thirty seconds is I had to explain to him what was going on in my world right now, which made this a “now” conversation for me.

Why I was going to hire a PT. Why I wanted to do something about it. Not why I was shopping in for free information – which, obviously, I was not. So, I had to justify why I was looking for a PT and secondly, why I was calling him and not some other guy.

The Two Most Important Questions in a Sales Conversation

So make sure you’re doing this at the start of every sales appointment you ever have, even every Triage Call you have. The very first thing that happens after you’ve, kind of, small talked for a minute is you get started with your agenda and then this question.

“So, before we go any further, I really want to know the answer to two questions – why now and why me?”

And then your prospects spend the next thirty seconds or a minute or two explaining why they definitely needed help right now and why they thought you were the person to give it to them. So, if you think about it – I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this – but you and the prospect come into the sales call with really different goals. Like you probably want to get a client and make a sale.

What do they want?

Well, they probably want free information, right?

Who can blame them?

What the “Decision Question” does is that it squashes that instantly so now it’s just a question of them agreeing that there’s an issue to be solved. The fact that they tell you why now and why you – apart from being good for your ego – they’ve just said I’ve got an actual real problem that needs to be solved right now. So this isn’t an information gathering conversation – it’s a problem-solving conversation, which leads to a decision being made at the end.

In the end, they’re going to make a decision about themselves and their future – probably involving you!

So that’s the Decision Question – Why now and why me!

Ask this question at the start of every sales appointment and have your prospect justify to you why now’s the perfect time to make a decision instead of excuses, objections and stalls like you often get, cool?

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Also, I’ve got a very quick question for you – that’s one of my favourite pieces of the strategy session formula that I use inside Black Belt –but I want to know:

What’s your favourite sales question?

Please leave me a comment below. Leave me a question that you’ve asked or you’ve thought about asking or you’ve even been asked in a sales conversation, you think makes a big difference.


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