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I want to give you a quick tip, a little bit of strategy around how to plan the perfect conversion event, the perfect sales webinar.

So the way you deliver the webinar and the way you plan it are completely the reverse – let me explain it – it’s going to be really, really helpful for you!

I got a text message this morning from Cyril. Cyril, if you’re watching this, congratulations on the win. He’s just run his first ever sales webinar. He’s been a little bit nervous about it been sending me texts, you know, saying “wish me luck” and “how do I do this?”, etc.

Anyway, that is his first webinar and he’s got 23-booked sales appointments at the back end, which is fantastic – especially for a first job, I mean kudos, Cyril! Well done! If I could say well done in French, I’d do it – Alle or something like that because he’s French!

Steps to Planning a Webinar

Anyway, back to the topic – the reason I bring up Cyril is because I wanted to talk to you quickly about how to plan a sales webinar that really converts. See, when you deliver a sales webinar, there are six steps. You go:

  1. The Opening
  2. The Stick
  3. The Stretch
  4. The Transition
  5. The Invitation
  6. The Party

Basically, you go from the opening, how you start, all the way through to the close when you finish, with some content and a couple of other bits in the middle, right? So you deliver it top-down – from start to finish, right? Obviously, you’re not going to deliver the offer in the start cause that would just be weird.

But when it comes to planning, you do the exact opposite. You don’t start at the start. When it comes to planning, a webinar to sell, you start at the end. You start down here with “What’s my offer going to be?” You know, “what’s the exact offer and how do I make that as juicy as I can?”

Then, you plan out the content – if that’s the offer I want to make, what three pieces of content do I need to teach to make people want the offer that I am going to make at the end – does that make sense?

So, if your offer is about, let’s say, it’s Black Belt and what I do is:

  • I help people automate their marketing so they generate more leads without having to chase people.
  • Convert people without having to talk to people one on one with sales webinars.
  • And leverage their coaching program so that you don’t have to do one on one coaching if you don’t want to and you can help way more people and scale up big.

Planning out your Webinar’s Content

If those are the three parts of my program, about my offer, then guess what, when it comes to planning my content, guess what my content should be?

Well, I should teach some content about how to automate your marketing. I should teach some content, you know the most useful bits I’ve got about how to sell with webinars and thirdly, when it comes to leveraging the coaching program, I should teach that too – why?

Cause if that’s what I want to offer you, again, I want to make sure that my content leads nicely into the offer. Otherwise, I’m going to teach ‘x’ and try to invite you to do ‘y’, if there’s a mismatch.

So, when it comes to delivering it, we start top-down – we go opening through to content, through to close, with the middle steps in between. When it comes to the planning, though, we go what’s my offer, what do I need to teach, and then, how do I start that to set it up the best way I can. Does that make sense?

So that’s the deal – when you deliver a webinar, go top-down. When you’re planning it, go bottom-up! Start with the offer and reverse-engineer the perfect webinar for you.

Does that help? Does that make sense? Hope it does!

I want to get as many people as I can hip to running webinars that sell. You know, high-value events that people love, even if they don’t buy! But you have an incredible scene, you know, 20, 30, 40% of people go, “That was amazing, but I want more!” and take action towards your next step so please, share the love.

Listen, I’ve got a quick question for you.

Are you using webinars right now to sell?

If you are, let me know how you’re going, what you found is your biggest challenge and if you haven’t, what’s the number one thing that’s holding you back from using webinars to sell your coaching?

Please leave me your comment below – I’d love to help you out down in the comments – cool?


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