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I’m going to tell you a little secret about what we do at the end of a Triage Call to make sure we only accept “A-Grade” players.

Breaking up the Sales Process

Alright, so let me break this down – In our four-part Black Belt sales process, you know the stuff we do with our clients, really there are four key phases in the sales process. I want to, kind of, dig deep into the last step of part three so you need to get some context.

1. So, number one we have, education based marketing – could be a webinar or a live event or a video series, etc., which builds the need.

2. Then we have step two, a funnel filter.

What’s the funnel filter do?

  • It filters people in or out. It helps you work out, who’s worth talking to and who’s not!
    Typically, at the end of the webinar, we’ll do a little piece of, you know, “you must be this tall to ride the ride” like you do at Disneyland or Lunar Park – let people know who qualifies and who doesn’t.
  • And then we have the short questionnaire that people fill in. Those two steps get people excited and then three, filter some people in or out.

3. The next step is that we have a ten-minute Triage Call and finally, a strategy session.

A strategy session is where the money is made and if you do it right, if you do this process, you’ll be converting around 90 to 94% of the people like we do and like many of our clients do as well, cool?

Everything you need to know about the Triage Call

What’s the Triage Call’s job?

Well, we might have talked about this in a previous video – it’s really simple. Its job is to work out really quickly, who you want to work with and who you don’t! And at the end of the Triage Call, the last step is we’re going to show people the door.

So, the truth is, there are two doors we can show:

1. At the end of the Triage Call, we can show people the door and say “Hey, we’re not a fit but I recommend you this” or;
2. You can open the door through to your strategy session

Does that make sense?

So, at the end of the Triage Call, you’re going to ask them a bunch of questions, work out what their top three problems and their impacts are, and then you’re in a place to choose. If you feel like you’re a really great match and this is someone you’d like to work with then you say, “Great, so I said before my job today was really simple – to ask you a bunch of questions and work out if or how I can help. The good news is, I eat problems like that for breakfast! So, the next step for us is to book us another call to talk about how.”

Then you can explain, your position your strategy session and tell them how it’s going to work and you’ll let them know that either you’re going to email a link or your VA’s, cool?

When Things Don’t Work Out

What if they’re not a good fit?

What if you had that kind of little voice in your head saying, “Stay away from this person, they sound bad!” or for whatever reason, you don’t want to work with this person because you only work with A-Grade players.

Well, then you show them the door! “Hey, thanks so much for taking the time today. I said right at the start, my job is to ask you a bunch of questions and work out if or how I can help. Based on what you’ve told me, I’m not sure I’m the best guy for you or the best gal for you. You really want someone who can x, y, and z and specializes in a, b and c.”

“That’s not me, but I reckoned, if I were in your shoes, the first person I’d check out is, you know, insert name here, because they can help you with x, y, and z. What I’m going to do is I’m going to shoot you an email and introduce you both.”

What have you just done?

You’ve opened the door to people who’re great for you and you’ve shown the door to the people who aren’t! That way, you can bring your A-game to people who are world class! Does that make sense?

What’s your number one secret for filtering people in or out in a sales process?

Leave me a comment below – let’s continue the conversation down there.



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