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The Basic Concepts of Running a Sales Webinar

Today, though I want to talk to you about how to run a webinar that’s seamless! A sales webinar that is smooth. Really, when I think about running a sales webinar, there are two ways you can play it.

You can run it from the back-foot or you can be on your front foot.

If you’re on your back-foot, here’s what happens – you struggle because you’re always kind of, “back-foot” is my metaphor for being passive, reacting to things that happen and really not being in control.

If you’re on the “front foot”, different things happen! You’re in charge, you’re in control and amazing things happen.

Really, there are three key areas I want to talk to you about – three areas where you can either be on the back-foot or, if you do it right, on the front foot. The three areas are – you, your audience and the technology – and on each of those three, you can be on the back-foot or the front foot. I want to tell you quickly about the differences and then, give you some tips on how to do it.

So, first things first, let’s talk about you!

Running a webinar, a sales webinar, if you’ve never done it before can be kind of awkward! You know, you’re talking at your computer with no feedback from the audience and the whole things a little bit weird. You can forget important points, lose your mojo – it’s kind of a little bit strange if you’re not sure how to do it.

And so, really you’ve got two choices – you can either be awkward, back-foot, or you can be confident, front-foot! Talk about how, in a sec.

On the audience side of things, well, same sort of deal, right? You can either hope that they respond or you can command response. Right?

Friend of mine, an NLP trainer – incredible trainer – and she once said that “Rapport is defined as the relationship of trust and responsiveness.” And what most people do, this is kind of my paraphrase, what most people do is they try to earn trust and ask for responsiveness but what leaders do is they assume trust and they demand responsiveness.

Same thing from the audience – you can hope they respond or you can command it! Hence we got – hope command!

On the technology side of things, you can either be tangled up or you can control it. Many people are kind of tangled up or confused or overwhelmed by the technology. You can be overwhelmed or you can control it! And when you are controlling it, you can use all of the tools, literally as that, as tools at your command to do what you like.

Let me give you three tips, right now, for running a seamless sales webinar:

1. You

2. Audience

3. Technology

Overcoming the “You” Barrier

Alright, so when it comes to you, one of the – there are three big challenges, I will give you one.

1. One of the big challenges is just that it feels unnatural. You know, it feels weird. They’re in front of their computer, watching their screen; you’re in front of your computer watching your screen and talking to it – it’s kind of unnatural. So, what you want to focus on is, you want to focus on flow. How to make it flow? So, instead of delivering a webinar where you teach your content, you think about it like an online workshop.

You know like a live event where there’s a conversation between you and them. Where you ask a question, you get an answer; where you take a poll and you get people to type in an answer; where you draw, you tell stories – you’ve got to engage like that! You think like an online workshop – very different scenario. That’s the first tip – think online workshop!

Engaging the Audience

2. From the audience point of view, one of the big challenges is that you teach great content and they get it intellectually, but they don’t feel it, emotionally. And so, what you’ve got to focus on, if that’s the frustration, the fix is, or the focus rather, is personalization. How do you do that? You ask a direct question – at the end of teaching a piece of content, you’ve got to ask a question that has them think about – you know, firstly think – and feel the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Make sense?

Mastering the Technology Challenge

3. Third thing – let’s talk about technology for a second. One of challenges that people have is that they’ll either lose track of the chat in a, you know if you’re doing a session well, it’s going to be really interactive, you can lose track of the chat or somehow the technology gets the better of them!

Here’s the deal – focus on partnership and the strategy is really simple. Get a wingman, someone who can be on the webinar with you, live; who can manage the technology so you can just show up and rock their world. Cool?

So that’s three focuses – three tips around how to run a seamless, sales webinar!

So, one of the things that we focused on in the Million Dollar Coach Webinar or the Million Dollar Coach Intensive Live Event is how to run a webinar that rocks hard and converts like crazy. If you like this, check both of those two things out – they really help!


What’s the number one question you’ve got around running a sales webinar?

Have you done one before?

Or have you not?

Where are you stuck?

Let me help – let’s continue the conversation down in the comments.

Take good care.

I’ll talk to you soon!



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