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I want to talk to you about how to get the front stage and back stage of your business sorted so you can spend more time doing the stuff that you love and way less time doing a lot of the admin groundwork that you, probably, hate.

A Tale of Two Stages

So, every business has got a front stage, and every business has a backstage.

The front stage is when you’re front of a house, in front of clients or prospects or the market.

And backstage is everything that happens behind the scenes that nobody ever sees.The backstage is obviously to support the front stage!

Make sense?

So every business has got a front stage and a back stage.

Here’s what I think I know about you – probably, you don’t love the backstage so much. You love the front stage, right? You love to speak and coach and train and create and communicate. And the truth is that probably the front stage loves you back. You get a whole lot of love and appreciation and money and energy on the front stage. So, you love the front stage, the front stage loves you too; you get paid for the front stage; you don’t get paid for the backstage – chances are, you don’t love the backstage at all!

Identifying Problems in your Stage Presence

Here’s the problem then – you’re a front stage guy or a front stage gal, but you’ve got backstage needs. If all you’ve got is the front stage, you just quickly speed up the rate at which people find out you know good. So, you need a backstage operation that keeps your front stage and gets you front stage as much as you possibly can. But because you’re not a natural backstage person, usually you’ve got problems in three areas.

The areas are:

1. You
2. Your team
3. Your business

So, with you, the problems are that you spend too much time, wasting so much time, on stuff that you shouldn’t be doing, right?

And the flipside of that is, you’re not spending nearly enough time doing the things that you should – the front stage stuff because you just don’t have time.

When it comes to your team, if you’d be rocking at the front stage, you know, if you’d be incredible to coach, consult, train, and deliver, you need an A-grade team. But frankly, the problem is that you’ve probably got some kind of B-grade backstage support going on. So, I’m sure they mean well and they’re doing their very best, but there’s probably some B-grade performance going on.

Secondly, you’ve got a whole bunch of ideas, projects, and concepts in your head that you’d love to unleash and get out but there’s a bottleneck because you don’t have a way to get them out of your head and into people’s hands, quick enough. So, on the team front, that’s B-grade players and a bottleneck!

Thirdly, when it comes to your business, well, I don’t know you but I work with a bunch of, kind of, creative coaches. And so, typically, they’re disorganised, right? And secondly, really reactive when it comes to your planning out the year – the shiny object syndrome – they go here, then they go here, then they go here, then they go here – they’re really reactive!

So these are three problems around you, your team and your business, right?

Fixing your Business with the Six-Stage Process

Here’s what we know – too much time doing stuff you shouldn’t, not enough time to do stuff you should; B-grade support, projects getting bottlenecked so you can’t get them out; disorganised, and getting reactive.

What’s the upshot of all of that? The upshot’s really simple.

Number one, that you’re overworked and, number two, that you’re underpaid!

There are six things that you need to do about it!

1. You want to work from your genius! Find the things that you are great at and spend all of your time doing those. You want to be a front stage person, you need to step into things that only you can do, that you are passionate about, that you’re incredible at – frankly, that the market will pay for, right? Genius!

2. How do you eliminate the other stuff? For all the stuff that you shouldn’t be doing, we need to learn some productivity hacks. So, we’ve just spent two days working on Genius and productivity hacks.

3. We’ve also been talking about working with a team of ninjas, you know training up some ninjas, who can take care of the backstage stuff for you. What’s their job? Their job is to support you so you can spend more time front stage.

4. In terms of projects getting bottlenecked, and not being able to get stuff out of your heads and into people’s hands quick enough, you need to learn how to hand off projects in a way that they stay handed off. So, you’re really clear about what you want and you’re able to communicate it clearly so that you can pass it over and it stays handed over forever, and now they can run the project for you.

5. On the business side of things, instead of being disorganised and reactive, we want a pulse in your business. A series of tasks which happen every day like clockwork, every week like clockwork; every month like clockwork; every quarter, every year like clockwork – exactly how it has to be. So you don’t have to chase it or remember it – it just happens!

6. And then, finally, in terms of being reactive, I want to lay some tracks, a really clear plan for the year. So you just follow the plan and do exactly what it says. No more shiny objects. Instead of being overworked and underpaid, you get to do what you love and be rewarded handsomely for it.

So we’ve just spent two days at the Backstage Intensive, going deep into how to do those six things incredibly well and how to set up the backstage of your coaching business so it lets you step forward and be the front stage as much as possible.

If you want to learn a little bit more about that, then just send us an email – [email protected] or message me below. I’d love to have a chat with you about how to get you front stage, more!

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