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How to Systematically Upgrade Students to Your Coaching Program


I’ve got a question from Rachel who wants to know how best to systematically take people who bought a course and upgrade them into coaching.

I’m going to share with you a few ways to systematically make sure that happens. And so, there are two types of models:


Event-based Model

Firstly, an event-based model. It’s very common in the course world to sell a course and bonus people into an event.

Offering Your Upsell and Downsell at the Same Event


One of my clients, Rachel, posted a question in one of our private Facebook groups.

“I’ve got a sales event coming up. 40 people booked in. Want to sell 15 into your top end program, also have a down sell which should be perfect for some of the others. How do you make them both work without sacrificing the high-end sales which is really what you’re after?”

I think instincts are bang on.

2 Simple Tricks to Help You Become a Better Public Speaker


I don’t know if you know much about our family, but Ethan, my son, has special needs. When he was young, he couldn’t speak. For 3 or 4 years, he was completely non-verbal. It was really hard to parent a kid when you don’t know how they’re thinking and feeling.

Ethan cried a lot when he was little. It was hard, especially on Kiri-Maree. We tried lots of different things. One of the things we did was we went to a course called Hanen,

Why You Need to Get Your Clients Together (And What to Do When You Finally Do)


I don’t know whether you coach your clients 1:1 or whether you coach them in groups, or whether you have products or training courses.

But what I do know is that there’s something magic that happens when you bring your clients together in one physical place for an event and a workshop.

If you run a group coaching program, you probably do workshops with your dudes anyway. 

Right now,

The Big Mistake Everyone Makes with Webinars


Depending on who you listened to, webinars are either the thing that you 100% must have to grow your coaching business or they’re dead; depending on what they’re trying to sell at that time.

If they’re trying to sell you a course about how to do webinars, you 100% need webinars. And if they’re trying to sell you something else, then webinars are dead and they don’t work anymore.

The truth is,

The 2 Reasons Why People Aren’t Booking Sales Calls With You



In this quick video, I want to share one really, really important strategy that came out in a coaching call.

Yesterday, I tried to share it in a Live. The internet sucks at home, so, I’ve just finished up a webinar with our client, thought I’d share it here in our office with some good WiFi.

So, here’s the thing. I’ve talked to this client, and he’s really good at selling his stuff over the phone.

How To Setup A Workshop Room

We’re here today for a Million Dollar Coach Intensive. And I’m here actually with Mike who’s our awesome designer — projector of the vibe, creator of the brand. 

I just want to do a quickie about setting up a workshop room right. And not just the workshop room, we call it the conference kit.

I don’t know about you, but I reckon that our stuff is some of the best stuff; not best-looking stuff,

How To Get Great Testimonials

I woke up this morning and there’s a question inside our Black Belt Facebook group asking about what is the best way to get really amazing live event testimonials.

And there’s a question in there about what’s the best question to ask to get really great testimonials for a live event.

The problem with running a live event is,  people,  got to book a time, go to travel, go to book you a flight and accommodation.

Maximise Your Influence by Speaking To Your Prospect’s “Little Voice”

In every live event or webinar, we want to influence prospects towards buying our coaching services, among other things. Obviously, we’re trying to provide high value and build a connection, but we’re also trying to make a sale.

To install influence most effectively, there’s something we need to understand about human nature.

Everyone has two personas – a public self and a private self. This is true for me, you, your prospects, clients,

How to Plan the Perfect Conversion Event

I want to give you a quick tip, a little bit of strategy around how to plan the perfect conversion event, the perfect sales webinar.

So the way you deliver the webinar and the way you plan it are completely the reverse – let me explain it – it’s going to be really, really helpful for you!

I got a text message this morning from Cyril. Cyril, if you’re watching this, congratulations on the win.