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One of my clients, Rachel, posted a question in one of our private Facebook groups.

“I’ve got a sales event coming up. 40 people booked in. Want to sell 15 into your top end program, also have a down sell which should be perfect for some of the others. How do you make them both work without sacrificing the high-end sales which is really what you’re after?”

I think instincts are bang on. The big mistake would be to sell the little thing or to do anything that confuses the thing.

So, here’s the deal. It’s a 2-day gig.


Build and Seed

Day 1, build and seed. I would just —if you think about your value model —if you think about the pyramid that sells Black Belt and we chose money and time, less than $10K, that’s launch. Then from there to a million, it’s grow. And then from there, up is scale.

And I’d just say, “If you’re in that grow zone —already doing 6 figures, want to get to a mill, and my world and your world is similar, then stick around at lunchtime and we’ll talk about how to do that.”



Quickest way possible. And then at lunch, on day 2, you’re going to invite people to buy your program. Fill that then what you’ve got is an opportunity at afternoon tea.

After you’ve done the main offer to invite people to do the next thing.

Just say, “Hey, if you’re in that 0 to 10K a month space right now and you want something to —this has all been amazing and you see where you’re going to go, but not sure how to launch, then, we’ve got this launch program and let’s have a quick chat about it at afternoon tea.” And boom, take care of business then.

That’s how I’ve done it — selling two programs in one day.

Build the whole event to sell the big thing. Do the little thing at afternoon tea, the last break. And just make sure that your team has the details of anyone who within the lunchtime session who didn’t sign up yet — who was looking at the big thing and didn’t sign up, and make sure they connect to everybody at afternoon tea while you’re sharing the truth of the low-end program.

Does that make sense?

Hopefully that’s a little bit useful.

Sell the big thing, use the little thing as a down-sell, afternoon tea.

Don’t let it get in the way is all I’m saying. 

Get after it. You’ll absolutely crush this.

Take good care. Taki Moore for #AskTaki, out.


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