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Using the One-Call Model…

One of my clients, Adeena, is moving from a sales process that she calls The C-O-D model.

Not 100% sure exactly what that means, but it’s a one-call close and she’s closing about 10% of people right now and is worried that she got a 10% close rate, and 90% of the people she speaks to aren’t qualified and give her money.

She’s spent 45 minutes on the phone and is wondering how going to a two-call model is going to work. She said it feels like it’s going to double her workload. 

I’m so glad she asked this.

The details she just told me are exactly why she needs to switch to a triage model.

If you are in the same situation, keep reading.

The triage model is not going to double your time at all. It’s going to give you back about 80% of your hours.


What’s going to happen…

Assuming the marketing stays the same, we’re going to book the same number of calls. You’re going to have a bunch of short 9 or 10-minute calls — the same number of calls, but they’re going to be 9 or 10 minutes.

You’re only going to book a second call with the 10% of people who are ready buy; who can afford you and who want you. And you’re going to close 85% to 90% of those people.

So, what’s going to happen is it’s going to shrink down your time dramatically because you’re going to get off 90% of those calls in 9 or 10 minutes. You’re only going to spend longer time with people who are going to buy.

A 10% conversion rate is woeful. No offense, it’s just crap, but that’s going to go up dramatically when you only spend quality time on the phone with quality people.

You should only have a strategy session with people who are already an 8, or a 9, or a 10, out of 10 in terms of likely to buy. The Triage Call model is going to make that super, super easy. 


Hiring a salesperson

In terms of team and hiring a salesperson, when you get to the point where hiring a salesperson makes sense and you might already be here.

Get them to take the triage calls over first and you can keep doing your strategy sessions, and they’re going to set you up with good leads. The moment you got the lead flow to warrant it, then you can give the strategy session on to your salesperson.

Please, understand that the triage call was invented for efficiency. And yes, anyone who tells you that a one-call close is more efficient is fooling themselves.

A two-call close makes a ton of sense. The only time we do a one-call close is when we’ve done the triage work via chat or e-mail. So, the triage call’s job is to build trust quickly and qualify buyers better.


What you need to do…

So, 100% ditch your one-call session, go to two.

All of the calls which aren’t closing, you’re going to know that within 8, or 9, or 10 minutes. Be done.

The ones who are a good match are going to go to the second call, in which case, your conversion rate’s going to go through the roof

And you’re going to get back all of the time used to be spending with tire-kickers and time wasters, and people who are broke.

Hopefully, that helps. 

Get on it. This is going to make your life significantly better.

Taki Moore from #askTaki, out.


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