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One of my clients has his own private Facebook group. He has about 30 people in it. His Facebook group is getting quiet and he’s asking for tips and tricks on how to get his engagement up.

In one of our Facebook groups, he posted:

“Engagement in my Facebook group is getting quiet over the last two weeks. I’m wondering if I’m missing any tricks, especially on my Monday and Friday posts. Any tips about how to get my engagement up?”

Your Monday and Friday posts are really, really important. They’re designed to give people an anchor point at the start of the week which focuses them. Like, “Hey, it’s a brand new week. What are you going to this week to make it a great week?”

In our world, we ask them 3 things they want to get done.

And then on Friday, there’s a ‘What did you get done?’

Here are a couple of things that we do to increase the engagement on those posts.



Number one, when we post on Monday, we tag people in. We call in Post-it Monday.

In a Facebook group, you can tag in up to 99 dudes. We tag in different 99 dudes every week to start some engagement.


High five

Number two, when somebody comments, give them a high five. Not just a like.

We go, “Stay focused, Bob.”

“Mary, great job. Get at it.”

Just let them know that you’re seeing it.

That’ll do two things:

  • It rewards the people who do it and;
  • It bumps the post to the top of the feed

And that’s a cycle that’ll help.


Follow through

We used to do a Monday post and a Friday post, and one of the things that changed the game for us was our Wednesday. We call it What’s Up Wednesday.

I got the idea from a great client called Todd Herman.

So on Wednesday, we create another post which is where we tag in all of the people who commented on Monday and we say, “How are you going so far with your week?

Let’s say Howard had done things, “I’m going to launch my Facebook group this week.”

On Wednesday, we’ll go, “Hey Howard, this is what you said you were going to do. How are you going so far?”

And then hopefully Howard goes, “Thanks for the reminder. Here’s what I’ve done so far,” or “I haven’t decided yet, but I’m on it tomorrow.” 

And then there’s another chance for a high five, “Good job. Keep it going.” 

Every Friday, we send out an e-mail and we’re on a journey to take people from wherever they are to a million dollars a year in the next 1 to 3 years.

Many of our clients are already beyond it, but not all of them are. And we’ve written a series of e-mails that we call The 1000-day emails.  And every Friday, our clients get one of these messages.

At the end of each email —it’s a mindset piece, a focusing piece, a stay with it piece —whatever the content is, but at the end, there’s always, “Hey, click this link right now.” and it takes them to the Facebook group where they can comment on their Finish It Friday

They’re a few things that we’re doing to keep people engaged and make sure we’re always moving forward.

That’s what I do to increase my Facebook group engagement: tag, high five, follow through.

Hopefully, that helps. This is Taki from #askTaki, out.


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