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I’ve got a question from Rachel who wants to know how best to systematically take people who bought a course and upgrade them into coaching.

I’m going to share with you a few ways to systematically make sure that happens. And so, there are two types of models:


Event-based Model

Firstly, an event-based model. It’s very common in the course world to sell a course and bonus people into an event. At the event, then that’s where you invite them to upgrade to the next level thing. That’s that.


Non-Event-Based Model

I reckon, frankly, they’re more fun; certainly much less work. I want you to think about three timeframes: at the start of the course, in the middle of the course, then at the end of the course. 


Start of the course

At the start of the course, the easiest way for us to do it is to do an intake survey when people first join. And when they fill in the intake survey, then we’ll get a really good sense of where they’re up to and who already qualified for the next thing. And if somebody qualifies, then we just invite them.

We go, “Hey, just read your intake survey. I think I’ve got some ideas about how to help you go even faster. Are you up for a quick chat?”

They’ll say yes, book them in for a call.


During the course

The second thing that we do is a model that seeds the customer journey and lets them know that when they hit this milestone, then what they should do is they should talk to us about doing whatever comes next which is probably —in our world— they’d be Black Belt.

In the middle, what do you do? Well, you seed. In a group coaching call, somebody will ask a question, you’ll probably connect the dots and realize that one of your coaching clients has had a similar thing and solved it really well.

And so, you say, “Hey, one of our coaching clients, Bianca, just did this. This is what she did. By the way, if you want to go faster like Bianca, there are few milestones you’re doing more than $10,000 a month and you want to go faster, then type the word ‘accelerate’ below and we’ll have a chat with you about how to go even faster.”

 If it’s in a content module, again, make sure your case studies are students from your high-level thing and just seed, ”This course is from Black Belt. Our mastermind for people who are already doing 6 figures and want to get to 7 figures —a million dollars a year or beyond.” 

Those are the two things in between your course.


End of the course

At the end, we give people a 30-day challenge, specific project plan with specific milestones. And if they hit them, we let them know that their bonus —the extra goodie that they get— is they can click a button at the top and book in a scale session with one of our specialists. And that’s how we do that.

And that’s another episode of #AskTaki: Quick tips on how to systematically get people from your course into your coaching.

Hope this has been helpful.

Taki Moore, out.


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