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In every live event or webinar, we want to influence prospects towards buying our coaching services, among other things. Obviously, we’re trying to provide high value and build a connection, but we’re also trying to make a sale.

To install influence most effectively, there’s something we need to understand about human nature.

Everyone has two personas – a public self and a private self. This is true for me, you, your prospects, clients, family – everyone!

Big Voice & Little Voice

The public self uses the “big voice” to project confidence to the rest of the world. It’s what we use when other people are around.

The private self which uses the “little voice”. The little voice is aimed inward and addresses our fears, doubts, questions, and uncertainty.

To sell in a webinar, we need to talk as much to our prospects’ little voices as we do to their big voices. This takes two simultaneous conversations.

First, there’s the content you teach which is aimed at a prospect’s big voice. This is easy, and if you’ve ever hosted a webinar or live event before, you’ve done it.

But, if you only speak to a prospect’s big voice, you only influence part of them. They may logically agree with everything you say, but that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll buy from you.

Then there’s the influence you secretly install which speaks to their little voice. I’m not talking about some kind of hypnosis. This is speaking directly to the fears and objections our prospects already have.

Speaking to the little voice is more nuanced than speaking to the big voice. To do it, look at our prospects’ beliefs and resistance.

Install Beliefs

For prospects to say yes to your offer, you must install three kinds of beliefs.

1. You

What do your prospects need to believe about you?

E.g., you get huge results.

2. Themselves

What do your prospects need to believe about themselves?

E.g., they can still get new clients even though their contact list is small.

3. The Offer

What do your prospects need to believe about the product or service you’re offering?

E.g., your coaching program works incredibly fast.

Neutralize Resistance

When speaking to our target buyer persona little voice, we also need to neutralize potential resistance. These are the things that will stop them from buying from you if left unchecked.

1. Objections

What objections do they have to buying your program?

E.g., the program costs too much.

2. Questions

What questions about your program need to be answered?

E.g., when does the program start?

3. Alternatives

What alternatives to your program need to be neutralized?

There are many ways to get a result. One might be to join your coaching program, but people could also read a book, get a mentor, talk to a friend, etc. We need to neutralize these alternatives.

When we’ve identified the potential resistance, we can strategically decide which beliefs we need to install to neutralize it. Then we speak to their little voice by installing these beliefs throughout the webinar.

When you do this, you lower their resistance, raise their understanding of your coaching program, and maximize their hunger to buy from you.


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