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We’re all familiar with the term B2B. For your copywriting, though, I want you to forget it. Toss it out.

In your email marketing, there’s no such thing as business-to-business. It’s person-to-person. Even if the copy you’re writing is technically your business addressing another business, the conversation is still between you and the reader.

When we write copy, we’re trying to connect with our reader, and one of the best copywriting secrets I can give you is to write like you speak.

Don’t Write Like A Bank

Enclosed here within is a proposal for your perusal.

Nobody wants to read that. Even if you’re the person who wrote it, you don’t want to read it.

When you write like you speak, though, you engage your readers on a personal level. That makes them want to keep reading. They feel like they’re getting an honest email, not a calculated, corporate letter.

Far too often, we think we need to use corporate-speak to sound more sophisticated but sophistication can cost you connection. That can’t happen. Connecting with our readers should be our main goal.

Of course there are different levels of this for different markets.

If your industry is more in the realm of professional services, then sure, there are times you must “suit-and-tie” it up a bit. Either way though, you should write the way you’d speak to them in a face-to-face meeting.

Use Dictation To Make It Easy

The easiest way to write like you speak is to literally speak it out.

Make an outline of your email and talk through it out loud using one of these methods.

Voice Recording & Transcribing

When you talk through the outline, record yourself directly to your computer or into an external voice recorder. Then, playback the audio and transcribe it yourself. This is exactly what I used to do when writing my email marketing.

You could also have someone else transcribe it or use a web service like Voicebase to do it for you.

There are plenty of transcription sites and services available, but the idea is simple – outline it, speak it, and transcribe it.

Voice-to-Text Software

Another option is to use a software that will do this automatically.

There are several paid options available as well, such as Dragon Dictation.

Are You Stuck?

Sometimes when writing, I find myself getting tangled up because I’m thinking too hard. I get wrapped up in finding the perfect words and get stuck.

To fix this, I stop writing and ask myself this really basic question:

What am I really trying to say here?

Well, what I’m really trying to say is, “You should all come to my workshop.”

Great! Why don’t I just say that!

When you get tangled up, ask yourself that question. Say it out loud and write it down. When you write like you speak, people connect with you as a person.

Nobody connects with their bank, so don’t write like one.


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