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The ability to write killer marketing content is a skill that many of us dream of having. The problem for many coaches is that it never becomes more than a dream. With the right tools, though, coming up with compelling copy can be simple and fast.

The Fast Copy Framework is a tool we use in BlackBelt to do just that.

Think of the framework as an onion with three layers. The innermost layer, the essence, is the headline.

The headline is the essential message of our marketing content. You can read more about it here.

Simply having a headline on a landing page isn’t enough to get people to take action, though. We need to add to it. We need to create something that gives people a reason to say, “I want that and I’m going to get it.”


Give It A Handle

The handle tells your audience, “Here’s what I’ve got, here’s what it will do for you, and here’s how to get it.”

Why is it called a handle? Think of it as a handle on a suitcase. We want our message to be something tangible that people can grab hold of.

The handle’s made up of three parts.

1. Title

What’s the name of the thing you’re giving away or offering? This can be a workshop, free Ebook, consultation, or webinar.

2. Bullets

After the title, you want to have three to five bullet points that make them think, “If I get this thing, here’s how I’ll be better off.”

3. Call To Action

A clear CTA shows them exactly what they need to do next to get the results they want.

So, we’ve got our magnetic message – a headline – that attracts the right type of people. We then add a handle that allows people to see it and seize it. When we do that, we’ve gone from only having headline to populating an entire landing page in a few extra minutes.

Sell With Story

Now we want to create a piece of content that sends people to the handle and headline. This could be a physical piece of mail, an email you’ll send out to your list, etc.

However it looks, the goal is to drive the right people to the landing page. We do that by selling with story.

The story you use should always include three specific parts.

1. Problem

What are the problems or challenges they’re experiencing right now?

2. Reason

Why are you making this valuable offer?

3. Urgency

Why should they act right now?

Let’s recap. First, we’ll craft a magnetic message – a headline that sums up your offer in one sentence. This is the essence of the thing we’re offering.

Then, we’ll take the headline, give it a handle, and put it on a landing page. This is something people can grab onto and say, “Here’s what they’ve got. Here’s what it will do for me, and here’s what I need to do right now.”

Then, we’ll craft an email with a story that consists of a problem, a reason, and a sense of urgency.

When you combine those three, elements, you have The Fast Copy Framework.


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