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I want to tell you a quick story about why sometimes it’s best to say no to the prospect instead of yes. I know we hear about how to grow your coaching business but sometimes, the best way to grow is to say “No” to the wrong people.

The Story about Mike

I was at the Million Dollar Coach intensive in the US, just a couple of weeks ago and a story came up – something we were discussing around saying yes and saying no to prospects. And the story was about Mike, the second coach I ever worked with – he’s a great dude called Mike. He’s still a great friend to this day. And, he hired me to generate him some leads. This is really early, we’re talking like 2004, I think it was.

And my job was to generate him some leads so he could go and make some sales to grow his coaching business and back then it was pretty un-fancy. I don’t know if you know this but my start in the ‘How to grow your coaching business’ world, back in 2004, was I was a telemarketer. Not much fun, right? That was my start!

Reasons I became obsessed with finding other ways to do it’s because telemarketing sucked. That’s right, I said it. I hated it and I got obsessed about how to get them to call me so that I didn’t have to do it ever again. Anyway, but I digress.

So, I generated a couple of appointments for Mike in our first week together and I remember he went off to one of the sales appointments. So, I got a text on the way back saying “Hey, this guy’s now a new client. Can you get the welcome kit ready?” I was like super-excited! About forty minutes later he comes back into the office and I’m pumped ‘cause we’ve only been working together a few days and we’ve got an appointment that’s turned into a client already and I’m really jazzed.

You know you’ve made a Mistake when…

So I’m expecting him to walk in, you know, big smiles, shoulders back, and a high five and you know, “this is awesome”, celebrating our first big win together. Instead, Mike walks in completely forlorn – like he’s just lost, you know he had the winning lottery ticket, and he lost it! Like you’ve been kicked in the nuts by a bison and then stampeded by a bunch of its friends. You’re not a happy man!

I’m like, “Mike, you look really down. I thought we signed the client.” He goes, “I did, but…” and then he paused. And he said, “I took on a client I shouldn’t have and I just signed myself up for 12-months of pain and suffering.”

Wow! Have you ever had that happen?

When you need the money or you wanted the money or you had some kind of bills to pay, there’s a bit of financial pressure on you and a prospect was in front of you. You took them on as a client even though through the sales, something came up in your mind which says, “Don’t do it, they’re not a good match. There’s something that’s not quite right.”

And you ignored your gut! What happened?

I bet your gut was right! You know, “I’m so glad I never listen to my gut,” said no one ever, right?

So here’s the encouragement – quick video – you’ve heard the story about Mike. Just wanted to encourage you this week! I don’t know what’s going on in your world, you know, right now.

Say No to Move Ahead

Whether you’re flush with cash, you’re struggling a little bit, you’re somewhere in between – you’re after right-fit clients. A-grade clients! In fact, the first step in our two-step sales process is called our A-Player Audition. It’s an audition where we gauge whether somebody’s a right match for us or not. And we cut it there – it’s a quick ten-minute call. We work out who’s an A-player and who’s not and if they’re not, bzzzzzzz… thanks so much!

We point them to some other resources, wish them on their way and give them some homework. But we only have real sales appointments with people who are A-players. Because we know, just like you, here in Black Belt we do our best work with certain kinds of people. And so we filter because we only want people in our world who we know we can radically increase their income, the way they attract, convert and deliver fast!

I’m sure you’re the same, right? You don’t want to work with people who’ve become twelve months of pain and suffering.

So, let’s just summarize, here’s the deal – this week, this month, identify what you’re A-client looks like and say no to B, C and Ds. You’ll be glad you did it. Trust your gut – it’s always right!

Listen, I hope this video’s been helpful to you. If it has, please click the “Like” button, leave me a comment below.

What are some of the characteristics or qualities of an A-Grade client for you?

If you were doing an A-Player Audition, what would the criteria be for someone to get through to the next round with you?

Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.


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