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I want to let you in behind the scenes of the tribal council I’ve just run with my virtual team here in the Philippines.

Hey, so I’m here at Pearl Farm Resort, near Davao in the Philippines, down south where my team are based and twice a year, every year, we bring our team together to the resort here or somewhere fancy – last couple of times it’s been here – to work together in what we call tribal council. And no one gets voted off the island, usually, so that’s pretty cool.

Three Days of Productivity

But it’s three days –we work really intensively together. We’re normally in a virtual environment, me in Sydney or around the world, wherever we happen to be and then here in the Philippines, we’ve got our people in Australia and New Zealand as well, but it’s great to be out and take the virtual and make it real!

And so, on the tribal council we work together for three days solid, here on the island and we have a bunch of fun as well but in three days, we usually get between, I’d say minimum six-months, worth of progress done in three-days, because there are some things you can do quickly when you work together and make things happen fast!

So I want to give you a quick heads up about a couple of things that we did in tribal council. Firstly, in our very first session, we collect three things:
• Wins
• Issues
• Opportunities

The Theme of the Tribal Council

1. The first thing – wins – we make a big list, each, of all the wins we’ve had as a company since last time we came. All of the wins and why they matter. Right, so we do positive focus. What was the win? Why does it matter? What is the further progress we can make and what’s our first step?

So we collect all the wins! Then we go, what are the issues, the problems, the ‘stucks’ that need to get solved and thirdly, what are the big opportunities that we see coming ahead?

We get those all up on a board and then we get to vote! Which of the opportunities or which of the issues that we solve at this tribal council? Does that make sense?

2. Next, KiriMaree and I always come with a theme. We’ve got a theme for the next 90-days and so we unpack the theme, how it relates, why it’s important; what the measures will be; what the five-projects are – you know, together we decide on five projects to make the numbers come true, the theme come true – and we kind of project-plan out that as well, as well as what’s the celebration going to be when we hit those numbers, when we hit that particular goal, right?

3. A third thing that we do every single time we get together at the tribal council is we go deep into the soul. You know, our core values – there are nine values – nine parts of the soul of Black Belt.

And so we unpack how do we go living them?

Who lived which values best?

How do we reinforce it?

How do we make it stick?

How do we make the soul just ooze through, marinate in everything we do as a company?

Both with clients, internally and as solo. So, we kind of marinate in the soul.

Next, what do we do?

Well, we’ve got roughly three sessions a day so we go three 90-mnute sessions starting at 9-ish in the morning, through to 3-ish and we just relax and have fun in the afternoon.

So I’ve pretty much walked you through Day One of a tribal council.

The Need for a Tribal Council

Why do I tell you this?

Well, firstly because you probably should run one of these yourself. If you’ve got a virtual team, sometime in the next year or so, you should get face to face with your person or team, right?

Number two – I tell you this because September this year, I’m getting some clients together here at Pearl Farm, with their VA.

So if you’re in Black Belt or you’ve been thinking about it and you’ve got a virtual assistant in the Philippines, what we do is we spend three days here at Pearl Farm working deep together on your soul, on your biggest wins, your problems, your issues and your opportunities.

We project-plan it out, right?

We collect wins and opportunities – we work it out about what your theme’s going to be for the next period and project plan it out – that’s kind of Day One together.

Anyway, so if you’re plucked by watching this, just wanted to give you a quick reminder about the Island Intensive coming up in September!

If not, do! If you’ve got a virtual team, get face-to-face with them sometimes because there’s some things which you can get done so fast when you get together.

Even great companies like BaseCamp, which is completely virtual – if you haven’t read the book ‘Remote’, by Jason Fried and David Hanson, I really recommend it – A couple of times a year, they swoop into Chicago and get stuff done.

There are some things that face-to-face does that virtual can’t! That’s my tip.

So virtual’s got a ton of advantages but there’s also a killer power in getting together – we call it tribal council! Twice a year we do a “Vibal Council” on the opposite course, which is a virtual tribal council. Anyway, that’s enough from me this week.

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