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 What Happened At A Recent BlackBelt Event

I was in Sydney running a Black Belt Intensive with all the Black Belt crew from across Australia and New Zealand there.

We’re running the event every year in the North Hemisphere in the US in California. But this was one of the Sydney events.

And we’re talking about stepping up and leading your market.

Really stepping up and owning the role of being, you know one of the key movers and shakers in your niche.

And a coach asked me you know a new coach asked a pretty interesting and innocent question.

And he said, “You know Taki I get as I really want to step up and lead my market but to be honest I’m a little bit nervous about that but I’m not sure I’m comfortable calling myself a leader yet.”

“I’ve got to wait until maybe I get a few things in order and some more runs on the board and then I feel like I’m kind of authorized. There’s going to be kind of certified or authorized to step up and really call myself a leader then.”

And I totally hear it.

There’s nothing worse than people who make all these promises that they can’t deliver.

I’m not talking about that at all.

The Extremes

That’s kinda one extreme. The other extreme is what I see coaches doing all the time which is to wait until somebody gives them permission to step up.

Somebody gives them permission to do great work

Somebody gives them permission to call themselves a leader to get themselves out there and really make a difference.

Your Challenge

So if that’s you right now, I want to challenge you.

You’ve got everything else you need already.

If you’re waiting for somebody to give you permission to step up and be a leader, today here in San Francisco in this park, I, Taki Moore give you permission, okay.

Don’t wait any longer.

Think about the Wright brothers. You know the dudes who first flew. They didn’t have a pilot’s license, nobody certified them.

Sometimes in life, you don’t wait to be certified.

You don’t wait for somebody else to bless you.

Some things – you know – you wait to be given – Other things you’ve got to take.

Step Up Now

So right now I encourage you to step up.

If you’re being timid or holding yourself back or waiting until you know you had the right amount of training or the right background or the right this or the right that or just enough money or the right logo or anything like that.

Just stop it. That stuff is crap.

All of them have their use, but none of them are worth waiting for.

There are people right there out in the world who need your help. People are begging to be led. People are out there with problems that you can help them solve, with goals that you can help them achieve.

And if you wait until somebody gives you the blessing, they’re going to miss out.

You’re not helping yourself. You’re not helping them. You’re not making any kind of difference in the marketplace.

So right now I give you permission.

You don’t need a pilot’s license.

Don’t wait.

Take authority.

Step up – call yourself a leader and go make the difference you’re born to make.

I know it’s a little bit soap-boxy.

Was it really marketing or small mindset you need both.

Take it.

Step up.

Be the leader.

Go and make a difference to the people you’re born to live.

Let me know what you’re doing. Leave a comment below.


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