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What’s that I hear you say?

Your database is too small and they don’t respond?

Are they kind of like dead leads?

I hear you.

I got the fix for you.

I’ll tell what to do.

Here’s What To Do About An Unresponsive Coaching List

If your database is too small or the leads aren’t responding or it feels like the list you’ve got is dead.

I got news for you.

The list isn’t dead. Chances are, it’s what you’re doing with the list that’s the problem.

No One Is Buying??

So often people say, you know if they aren’t buying right now you know there’s no point keeping in touch with my database because they’re not buying anything anyway.

They kinda just call then they’re not going anywhere, they’re like the dead list of the archive.

Stop talking like that.

The people on your list aren’t the archive. They are your future clients.

You’re Leaving Half on the Table!

In fact, the recent survey found that they any given group of people who responded to an offer. Half of them would buy at some stage and half of them wouldn’t.

So let’s ditch the ones who wouldn’t and bring up the ones who would buy at some stage.

Of that 15 % who are ready to buy right now, we call them the now buyers, right?

If 15% are ready to buy right now 85% are going to buy at some stage in the future. Not right now but in the future.

What does that say about your database?

Sure. At any given moment let’s call it 15% of them are ready to do something right now but 85% aren’t.

If you give up on that 85 %, no one’s going to do anything.

You’re giving up communicating with your future money which is crazy, right?

So what do you do?

Well, the first thing you stop it.

You understand that you’ve got some Now Buyers and you’ve got some future buyers.

Treat Everyone Like a Great Prospect!

You treat everyone like they’re a great prospect until they prove to you otherwise.

I don’t want to hear another coach whining about their dead list or their cold list or their dumb leads.

The list isn’t dead.

The people aren’t dumb and the leads aren’t cold.

They’re future buyers. So treat them right and they’ll come back to you.

Take it.

Put it into action.

Start Your Reactivation Now!

Reactivate those dead leads and bring them back.

Treat them right and at the right time, they’ll come to you.

Remember: People buy when they are ready to buy. Not when you’re ready to sell.

That’s the difference.

Let me know what you think.  Comment below.


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