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A couple of months ago, I was feeling out of shape. I hadn’t looked after my body for a while.  I was on the computer all the time or on the phone a lot. Not doing anything for my body, always in my head and I really wanted to do something to get my energy back like I used to have when I was younger.

So I asked a couple of my friends, Dale and Andy because I knew that they both started working out with a personal trainer and it turns out they were using the same guy, Daniel. So I said, “Can I have his number?”, and I called this guy, Daniel and he picked up his phone and said “Hey”.

I told him my situation. “I’m friends with Dale and Andy, I’ve heard really good things about you and I would love to talk to you about being my trainer.”

And he stopped me and said, “That all really really good Taki.”

I’ve got a question for you.

“Why are you calling me now?”

And at first, I was a little bit jolted, ah like I thought I had kind of explained that. “Ahh, but no no, why are you talking to me now, for you? I get it about Dial and Andy, but what’s going on for you?”

Getting Down to Business

And he asked me just a great question. And the question kind of forced me to kind of stop telling the stories and get down to business.

Well, here is my situation.

Here is how I’m feeling.

Here is what I want to change and;

Here is what I want instead.

So, I got a little tip for you.

When you sit down to talk to a prospect for the first time, either face to face or on the phone that is the question you need to ask. People got a whole bunch of stories about how their business isn’t that bad, or their situation isn’t that bad and they don’t really need to change anything. But the truth is they are coming to you for a reason.

You Need to Take In Control

Your job in the first 30 seconds or the first couple of minutes of the conversation is to take control and to have them tell you what is going on in their life and business that needs your help right now.

So it’s like, why are you, so why, before we get started about what you want or where you are, just why me and why now?

Why are we having this conversation with me right now?

What is going on in your business right now? And just have them tell you.

That really does two things.

The first thing is, it positions you as the leader in the conversation so that you lead and they follow.

And secondly, it gets them really clear in their mind that they’re here to fix a problem, to make a decision and to get an outcome. Not just to swap information, collect data from you and say “Hey thank you very much” and then leave.

Does that make sense?

Ask, Why me? Why now? – at the start of your sales conversation and you convert much better every single time.

So that why the “why me”, and “why now” question is actually step three in the 9 step selling system for coaches.

Want To Convert More Prospects Into Clients?

If you want to convert more of your prospects into clients, that is step 3 in the system. And its coach marketing members, you know clients, you know exactly where to find that and you’ll be able to do what you need to do to sign up more clients.

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