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I was on a webinar the other day – the Ignition Webinar with the whole group of coaches – about a 150 coaches from around the world. And I was teaching them about the #1 most important question you need to ask about every marketing piece you run from now on.

If you want to make sure you get back some of the results. And I share the question with you make sure you nail it as well.

The Most Important Question You Need To Ask When Marketing As A Coach

Alright, so what is this most important question you should ask in your marketing?

Well, it’s really simple.

It comes down to one thing. If you get it right, it’s the difference between success and failure – between getting results and getting no results.

Examples To Help

Let me give you a quick example and then I’ll break it down.

So here’s the example.

You have been home at dinner. Maybe you were there with your family, in the middle of the meal and the telephone rings and you roll your eyes, but it might be important, so you go and pick up the phone and it’s a telemarketer.

Maybe there’s someone who sounds like this “would you like to save you money and your long distance calls?” or maybe a charity trying to you know to get you to commit money to their cause.

Either way, it’s an interruption.

That’s the perfect case point of the most important question in marketing.

The most important question is this.

Who calls, who first?

I don’t know how you were taught to market. But a bunch of the coaches that I’ve, you know who come to work with me – They’ve come to me because they don’t want to cold call anymore even though the company that they started working with tells them that it’s just a question of making you know – it’s numbered game.

You get to make enough phone calls. You get to make a hundred calls, you get so many appointments then you might get a client.

Here’s the thing.

Even if you’re the best coach in the world. Even if you heart is pure and your intentions are good, the moment you cold call me, interrupt my day to push your stuff on me, it’s over at “hello”.

You know if you had the experience where to have to make those call, it’s yuck, right?

Somebody answers the phone and thinking you might be a customer and you’re like, “Hi, my name is you know Bob or my name (insert your name here). I’m with X Y Z Coaching. We’re the guys to help you earn more money and work fewer hours.”

Have you got a minute for the phone?

Even if you’re the best coach in the world, even if sitting down with you for an hour really could make a tremendous difference. It’s over at “hello”.


Because you chase them first, okay?

Just like a dog can smell fear, prospects chase desperation. If you’re cold calling me for business, you don’t seem that credible.

So what’s the most important question?

It’s this: Who calls who first?

Instead of being like the salesperson who’s cranking out cold calls you want to be more like the Doctor. You’re never home at dinner time when the Doctor calls you.

“Hey, we’ve got a special on flu vaccines at the moment.”

“Would you like to come in for a shot?”

That never happens.

What happens instead?

Well if you get sick if you’re a man? You probably ignore it. 🙂

When the symptoms get worse? Eventually, you go to the doctor. If it’s your first time there they give you a big fat form to fill in and you pre-qualify. Then when you do get the chance to finally see the doctor after being made to wait and jump through these hoops, the Doctor will probably ask you a bunch of questions and shall ask you about the symptoms and do some tests on you.

Also, she’ll be asking questions about your current situation. At the end of that you want to know:

  • How bad is it?
  • What should I do?

The doctor will make a recommendation, probably write your prescription and your chances are you follow their advice.

What’s the difference?

You chase the Doctor. You came to them for advice, not the other way around.

In your marketing, you’ve got a really clear decision. Align and understand right now there’s a decision to make.

Do you want to chase? Or do you want to be chased?

Do you want to call first to be positioned as a sales person?

Do you want to have them call you and be positioned as the specialist that’s trusted advice up?

That’s your decision.

I’ll leave it with you to make.

Take it.

Implement it.

Get Clients.


I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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