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Today, I want to talk to you about draining the swamp. I came down to the pool for a swim, and when I got there, it was kind of empty. And so, on Thursdays, clearly is the day that the local government comes and empties out the pool.

It was kind of three-quarters empty when I got there. It gets drained out of the corner and then when the high tide comes in, water will wash over the top and we got a new full pool.

It made me think a little bit about a question that my friend, Alex Charfen, asks every morning. He asks, “Where was I uncomfortable yesterday?” which is also a way of saying, “What bugged you that you’re putting up with?”

As coaches and people who run our own businesses, there are lots of stuff that we kind of just hustle and grind and kind of plow through. There is also a bunch of stuff that happens in the business that we just go, “Oh well, that’s now how I want it, but I’m just going to make it happen.” And I think maybe it’s a time for a Thursday drain the swamp.

Make a list of all the stuff that you don’t like and vow to get rid of it. I had a chat on Facebook with one of my clients about some of his growing pains.

One of the things I did was I showed him a process I learned from Dan Sullivan that I do about once a quarter and I make three lists. The things on the list were:

  • what’s irritating,
  • what’s okay, and
  • what’s fascinating.  

So, we’ll just make a list of all the things which are irritating you, annoying you that you’re tolerating. And then we vow that within 90 days’ time, you don’t tolerate them ever again.

We drain the swamp and get all the crap back out.

Make a list of all of the stuff that’s irritating, and the stuff that’s just okay, and the stuff that’s fascinating and motivating and fun, and we work out how much of your time is spent doing the stuff you don’t like, how much of the time you spent to the three categories and how much time you want to be spending on each of the three categories, and then make a plan to get rid of that stuff.

And so, I made my list of things that may be uncomfortable yesterday and that something that’s just been there for way too long. So, today, I decided I’m going to stop doing that thing. It’s been bugging me for a little while now. It’s just time to drain the swamp.

A little bit of encouragement to you, if there’s stuff in your world right now that just isn’t working or that you’ve been tolerating, enough with the tolerations.

You deserve to have a business that gives you what you want and not what you don’t.

I hope this has been helpful.

There’s some stuff in your life that you need to pull a Thursday on. Make a list today. Stuff that’s irritating you, where you’re uncomfortable, and maybe plan to get it out of your life.

This is Taki Moore, out.


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