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In this quick video, I want to just talk through something that’s been stressing me out a little bit. And the topic is content. Specifically, how to make content that is amazing.

Most people do content that’s kind of ‘okay’ at best. And ‘okay’ is alright, but I think we could do better.

How do we do content that’s amazing without it being really, really freaking hard to make?

So, we want amazing and easy.

I’ve been thinking about this a little bit lately. I don’t think I’ve got this sorted yet.

You might prefer to do audio because you can just talk, you might prefer to do a video because you can just grab a camera and obviously, you’ve got a much more visual medium, or you might like to write.

They’re the three main options. I’ve been thinking about that a lot.

 For me, I’ve been doing a lot of easy videos. And for me, the easy video is selfie-style, face to camera with my phone.

I find it pretty easy to do and I think the content’s good. It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with it.

But it’s not extraordinary.

I’ve had in my head an idea for a video show that is more amazing than I dared to bring more of myself and my passion and my art to you, but the reason I haven’t done this because it felt really hard, to be honest.

And if it’s hard, then it stinks of effort, we’re just not going to do it.

So, what are the other options?

Well, I’m not a great writer. My writing’s okay. For me, writing is out of the question because it doesn’t flow for me.

It’s not natural and easy. And so, I’ve been looking for something that lets me do really high-quality on a frequency that I’m excited about without working too terribly hard.

And so, what I’m going to do —among other things— is I’m going to experiment with audio.

What I like about audio is that there are zero tools required. I just need a phone and I can dial in. And so, it’s easy and it’s good to get across good content.

By the way, this thing I’m doing right now actually feels easy and sort of fairly up there.

So, I just want you to think about your content right now.

If you’re struggling to put content out, it might be because your standard of amazing is too high like mine has been. Or frankly, it’s just been way too high to be consistent with.

So, think about where you are and your next move.

For me, it’s going to do something that’s really high quality, easy to produce.

I’m going to do audio and I’m thinking one of these three.

If you’ve got any thoughts, feel free to comment and let me know which sounds best or I might actually do a combination.

I’m not really 100% sure yet, but I’ve got some incredible clients who we’ve taken from not million dollars to million dollar coaches. And we’ve decided in doing them.

There’s some extraordinary stories about exactly how they do it —tactically and practically.

The second show idea that I’ve got for audio is The 20.

Once a week, I coach a client one particular client from Black Belt who’s grappling with something around the way they market and get leads or the way they have a sales problem, or just like their delivery is completely jammed up right now for 20 minutes.

And in 20 minutes, we create a strategy and we get them rocking and rolling. And so, the kind of these 20s once a week might be cool.

And the other thing is a daily 10-minute teach. A little bit like I’m doing right now, but in audio. Anyway, if you’ve got any thoughts on what will be most useful for you, just comment below, let me know.

And I guess this is important, if you’ve got any thoughts around what would make your content more amazing and easier, or any kind of hacks that you’ve seen that might serve me, I’d be open to hearing them as well.

Thanks for tuning in today. Appreciate it. This has been Taki Moore, out.


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