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I’ve got a question from Dave who wants to know, “What’s the best way to handle the ‘I need to talk to my spouse’ objection?”

You’ve either got to get the partner who’s present with you to make the decision (in spite of their partner), or you need to somehow get them onboard, but do it in a way that doesn’t doesn’t slow down your sales process.

I’m going to give you 2 tips:

Tip #1

If the husband and wife both need to be onboard for the prospect to say ‘Yes’, what we often do is have a sales appointment with one partner hoping that they do a good job with the other is just a recipe for disaster.

And instead of that, the first basic and most important rule is to always get both of them on the call.

And you can find that out in your pre-call convocation process —who else is there that needs to be involved in this decision or supposing we come up with a plan together, who else needs to be on the line so that you don’t have to translate, you can just get straight into implementation.

Having them on the line is the easiest solution. And frankly, will take care about 90% of this problem.

The ‘I need to talk about them’ frankly feels like not a sales skills problem, but a sales process problem. And if we can fix it before it even comes up, the problem’s like 90% solved. Right? So, get them on the call.

Tip #2

When you go into a sales call with your partner and just before you get on the line, you both look at each other and say, “No matter what they say, don’t say Yes to anything unless we both agreed.

I don’t know if you’ve done that. I’ve certainly done that. 

I know a ton of prospects has had that exact same conversation. So, if you know that’s going to happen, then build it into your sales process.

So, you’ve got husband and wife on the call, and at the end, they probably are going to say —if that’s the what they’ve agreed —the kind of the rules they’ve set up with each other, they’re probably going to say something like, “Listen, this sounds really good, but we probably need to have a talk about this ourselves.

Whether you do this face to face or on the phone or on Zoom or whatever you use, this is how I would handle that.

Great. Of course. When I’m with my partner, we both agreed that we make decisions together. So, why don’t we do this? I’ve got a couple of things to do right now.” Might be I’ve got a couple of calls to make or whatever, “Why don’t you guys have a chat and then I’ll meet you back here in five minutes. How does that sound?

And they’d be like, “Cool.” And often, you’ll leave the room, whether physically or virtually, and you just say, “Ping me back here when you’re ready.

And they just look at each other and, “Okay. He’s not here anymore. Do you want to do it?

“Yes. I can do it.”

“Yes, me too.”


And then they just sit there waiting for the other four and a half minutes, ready for you to come back.

Give them space to talk to each other and disappear for a bit.


But here’s the big lesson:

If they’ve made a pact that they’re not going to do a deal unless they’ve talked to each other, then factor that in. Make it a part of your deal.

I think if you do that, you’re going to do super, super well.

So again, two lessons. Number one, get them both on the call. Number two, if they need to talk to each other, give them space to talk to each other live on the call, and you just kind of disappear for a bit.

Do something, like I’ve literally left the Zoom room and have people just Facebook message me when they’re ready to come back. And then they come back, and away they go.

That’s first two things I would do.

Hopefully, that helps. Take good care and talk to you soon.

Taki Moore from AskTaki, out.


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