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The Ascension Model

One of the things that we were talking about earlier is the ascension model. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it but a lot of marketers teach you to run your business.

The Ascension model has something free in your funnel, something cheap, like a tripwire, something not so cheap, something expensive, something really expensive, and something really really really freakin’ expensive. That’s good in theory, and they say that about 20% of the people in each step in your funnel will upgrade to the next step.

The challenge though is if you’re the creator of all of this stuff, and the person who’s keeping all these plates spinning (I think plates spinning is a pretty dangerous activity, it shouldn’t be encouraged)

All we want is something less complicated for you and much less complicated for the people in your program. For example, if I am in this OMG level as a client of yours, most people have set their ascension set. If I’m this program, I get the really expensive, something cheap, something not so cheap and I get really really overwhelmed.

Your stuff’s really valuable but it’s not your value. Yu want to take stuff out and add value in. So instead of the ascension model, which is complicated, let me show you something really different which I think is awesome.

The Black Belt Model

So this is the Black Belt Model. There are 4 pieces to it. Some of their clients want to keep one to one clients, and so you might choose to have some 1 on 1 clients to work with you at a high price point, really great people, a premium price point. Be very very selective about who you work with. That’s optional but you don’t have to.

A lot of our clients want to keep a few 1 on 1 at the top. The three underneath it is what I wanna focus on.

Instead of having 77 level of ascending doom, what we want is that instead of something small and free, we want EPIC FREE. Something that’s just amazing. Like you’re at this workshop that’s practically free, it’s pretty free, are you having a good time? yes! It’s freakin’ amazing! I’m biased, I reckon great.

So have something great that’s free, something that people would happily pay two grand for because it’s that good. Then what do we offer? One of two things. It’s either a short course online, 6 to 8 weeks between to $500 – $8,000 or a 12-month program at between $10,000 – $40,000. That way we got a really simple model. People can opt in wherever they want.

The Problem

Here’s the problem with the Ascension Model, people think that if you get them to get something small, then a little bit more, a little bit more and more, that’s how people buy. But people don’t buy like that in the real world.

People don’t go to the Mercedes Benz store and ask if they could buy the hob cab? Then I’ll go back to get the steering wheel or wheels and now I get the whole thing! Nobody does that.

Clients jump into the top! A simple system that lets them do what they want. Give them what they want right now and don’t make them wait.

So that’s this week’s coach marketing tip. Ditch the ascension model and get a really simple, streamlined process. Get people from cold to sold much much faster so you could do your best work and have fun.

P.S. Are you running the Ascension Model or the Black Belt Model and what will happen if you made a shift? Leave your comment below and let’s continue the conversation down there.


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