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The marketing genius, Dan Kennedy, once said there are two rules of marketing.

  1. Put ladders in front of people.
  2. Don’t climb up other people’s ladders.

Why are we talking about ladders?

Here’s the thing: when you put a ladder in front of someone, they naturally want to climb it.

The moment you place a ladder in front of your prospects, they’ll instantly see where they are right now, where they want to go, and they’ll naturally want to climb it with you.

Over the last couple posts, we’ve been looking at how to offer a free, one-on-one strategy session to prospects in a webinar to sell your high-priced coaching program.

The first step, Seed the Need is all about installing moments of influence in your webinar content that helps make your session offer a no-brainer deal for prospects.

The next step is to draw a value model. Just like Dan Kennedy’s ladder, we’re going to reveal a value model on the webinar — either by drawing it or displaying it on slides — that shows people where they are, what they can achieve, and how to get there — all in a really cool, elegant way.

The Value Model

I firmly believe the value model is a key piece coaches miss when selling their stuff. When done well, it gives your prospects the perfect context for how you’ll help them.

Before we jump into it, I want to give credit to my friend, Matt Church, who taught me this amazing tool.

The first thing you should know is that every value model must have three things.

1. Currency Of Value

The very first thing this model needs is a currency. Nobody will buy your stuff if they can’t see how it will help them.

In other words, climbing up the ladder needs to give them what they want. Your currency could be

  • Money — how to either earn more or save more;
  • Time — how to get more time back or spend time on what they want;
  • Status — how to become a big deal; or
  • Happiness.

So, the first thing we need to decide is which currency will be in your value model. What currency (or currencies) to do you sell?

For the sake of your visual model, I think it’s best to use just one or two. A four-sided ladder could get confusing. On the example above, we’ve used money on the left and time on the right as our currencies.

2. Location

The second thing your value model needs is location.

People need to see exactly where they are right now. On a scale from broke and destitute to trillionaire and loving it, where does your prospect stand on the ladder?

In our example, each ‘stage’ represents location.

3. Aspiration

The third thing your value model needs is aspiration.

This is the rung of the ladder your prospect wants to reach. When they get there, they’ll achieve the currency they’re ultimately after.

In our example above, our clients would aspire to achieve ‘STAGE 6’, where they’ll make the most money with the smallest time requirement.

Why Does This Work?

When you introduce currency and location, it tells people your program is relevant to them.

For example, think about a personality model like the Myers-Briggs test. The moment you introduce it, everyone wants to know what they are. They want to see themselves and say, “Ohh. That’s me! I can identify with that. That’s relevant to me.”

They should be able to see themselves in your model, too.

When you introduce currency and aspiration, you create desire.

When you show location and aspiration, it tells people that you are the man (or ma’am) with the plan. It gives them a sense that there’s a roadmap that’s all about future possibilities.

This model is a massive piece of how we’ll position the value of our strategy session, and ultimately our entire coaching program.

If you don’t have a value model, you’re just like everyone else. You’re selling a solution to a problem, instead of selling a much bigger possibility for people’s future.

Dan Sullivan also says that all the money we could ever want is in our prospect’s future.

Our job as webinar salespeople is to help people see the future that’s possible, and we’ll show it to them using a value model.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below.


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