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Over the last several posts, we’ve been looking at how to offer a free, one-on-one strategy session to prospects in a webinar to sell your higher-priced coaching program.

The first step, Seed the Need, is all about installing moments of influence in your webinar content that help make your session offer a no-brainer deal for prospects.

Then we draw a model — a visual aid that shows them exactly how our program will bring them value.

So far, we’ve laid a strong foundation for our offer, so this next step might seem a bit counterintuitive. We’ve taught great content and shown them how our program will help them achieve what they aspire to, but now we’re going to take it all away.

Take It Away

You already know your coaching program is great! I know your program is great. Now, at this point in your webinar, your prospects also know your program is great. It’s the perfect time to make it perfectly clear to them that your program is not for everybody.

The great Australian copywriter, Pete Godfrey, has a great saying about this.

“Get them hot for what you’ve got, then tell them they can’t have it.”

We won’t tell them that nobody can have it. That wouldn’t make any sense. We’re just saying that our program is not for everyone.

The take away starts when we build tension. We’ve been doing it the whole webinar, but when you draw the value model, it stretches the gap even more. It makes people really aware that they’re here, and they want to be there.

Then, we’ll show them who the program is for and who the program not for.

When you’re really clear about this, you accomplish two things.

First, you disqualify bad-fit leads. There’s no need to waste your time or your prospect’s time in a dead-end sales appointment.

Maybe they need to improve in an area before they’re ready for your program. Or, maybe they’re so far advanced that your program can’t help them achieve significant gains. Maybe they have different goals than you, or scheduling demands you can’t accommodate, or a lack of motivation at the present time.

Whatever their reason, if it disqualifies them you can preliminate these leads before you ever make the offer.

Second, taking it away makes qualified leads fight for their right to be in your program.

Why does this work? Think about it — we all want what we can’t have.

The less accessible and harder you are to get, the more your prospects will want you. The more barriers you place in front of someone, the more often they will fight to get to you.

We want to show people who our program is for, who it’s not for, and then put some hoops in place for people to jump through that will get them really excited about taking the next step with you.

How will you do it? I’d love to hear it. Leave a comment below.


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