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In the last post, we talked about how selling higher-priced coaching programs requires a one-on-one conversation — usually in the form of a free strategy session — between the webinar and the sales appointment.

The problem is, getting people to sign up for the free session at the end of a webinar can be really tricky.

What you do in the close of a webinar is really important for getting prospects to take the next step with you, but it doesn’t mean anything if we don’t seed the need all the way through.

Obviously, if you have a two-day event with your prospects, you’ll take this to the next level. But in a webinar, we need to plant seeds of influence so that at the end, they’ll be hungry for what you’ve got.


Mind Your Content

When getting prospects to book in for a free strategy session, we’ll plant several seeds directly in the content of our webinar.

Right from the start, our job is to show people why they need your stuff, why they need it now, and that it really works. We’ll still teach great content but we’ll do it in a way that sets up the sale.

Since you’re a coach, you’re obviously an expert in your field. There’s loads of information you could cover in a webinar, but this is more than a teaching-webinar. We’re trying to get prospects to take the next step with us — not just pass along information.

Before we seed the need, we have to be intentional about the content we choose to deliver. So, every piece of content in our selling-webinar should do four things.

  1. It must further sale. If it doesn’t, don’t include it.
  2. It must give you the chance to show proof.
  3. It must keep people engaged. Use stories, questions, visuals, humor, or moments of interaction to keep it interesting. If it’s overly boring and you must include it, don’t linger on it too long.
  4. It must be perceived as valuable. If it seems like a waste of time to your prospects, they’ll tune out.

Sow The Seeds

Once we’ve chosen our content, we’ll plant several seeds throughout to get prospects eager for booking the strategy session.

First, we want to seed the transformations — or shifts — your program is about. Typically, we’ll use three transformations.

For example, in my program, these transformations include changing the way you attract, convert, and deliver. We shift

  • From manual prospecting to automated marketing;
  • From one-to-one selling to selling one-to-many; and
  • From one-on-one coaching to leveraged coaching.

Second, we want to seed proof and show people the coaching program really works. Use case studies, personal stories, or simple (and quick) statistics.

Third, we want to seed dominoes. We’ll set up a logical domino effect where if they agree to the first transformation, second transformation, and third transformation, the final decision to accept our session offer will be a no-brainer.

Seeding the need is the crucial first step to getting prospects hungry to book a session with you. When done well, it’s subtle and flows seamlessly with our content while creating a ton of desire.

Let’s recap: First, we choose content that meets the four criteria. Then, we’ll seed three transformations, show proof they work, and lay it out so if they agree to the transformations/shifts we proposed, the offer is a no-brainer because it’s in complete alignment with the three transformations they just committed to making.

Next, on the blog, we’ll look at how to use a visual model to show your program’s value — the second key to getting prospects book your free, one-on-one strategy session at the end of the webinar.

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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