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Most coaches know that selling an expensive coaching program requires more than the basic sales letter. We’ll either need a live event or some sort of one-on-one conversation in our sales process to get people to say yes to a higher-priced offer.

I’ve found that one of the most scalable ways to get prospects to a sales appointment is through a free, one-on-one strategy session we’ll offer at the end of a webinar.

Most of us are crystal clear about that, but many coaches have no idea how to offer this in the first place.

There’s a ton of confusion about how to set it up so prospects are actually hungry to book this free strategy session. They don’t how to language it, package it, or position it.

Second, even though the strategy session is free, it’s almost harder to sell a free session than to sell a paid product at the end of the webinar. I don’t know what your experience is, but when I first started, I found it much easier to sell a $500 or $1000 program than to get people to commit to a free, 10-minute session.

If you’re not sure how to package your free session and find it tricky to ‘sell’ prospects on a free appointment, the natural end result is fewer strategy sessions and fewer sales appointments.

You run solid, high-value webinars where you rock the crowd and they love it, and at the end, everyone says, “Thank you so much, that was great!”… but they don’t sign up.

Why is that?

“Don’t Clap. Throw Money!”

When I was nine years old, I was in Darling Harbour in Sydney with my dad and stepmom when we came upon a street performer. He had a huge crowd gathered around, watching him juggle fire. When he finished his act, the people started cheering and going nuts. It was amazing. I can still see it.

As we walked through the crowd, I could hear the performer yell out to the crowd, “Don’t clap. Throw money!”

At the end of the webinar, we can either have people clap, say, “Thank you,” and move on, or we can have them ‘throw money’ and take the next step with you.

Here’s how it looks when you get it right:

Instead of being unsure about how to package and structure your strategy session, you’ll have a really clear system to follow. You’ll have a Step #1, Step #2, and Step #3. You’ll know how to run the whole webinar, and specifically, how to run the last 10 minutes where you set up the free session.

Second, we’ll do the whole webinar in such a way that it builds desire-based tension. I’m borrowing this phrase from my friend Clay Collins of Leadpages, who say that marketing is the creation of desire-based tension.

I want to show you how to run a webinar that pulls back on a metaphorical slingshot, building up tons of tension that at the end, prospects will release the tension in your direction because they know you have exactly what they need.

Obviously, if we do this well, instead of not filling our sessions, your sessions will be booked solid and your calendar will be full of sales appointments.

I had six sales appointments this week and converted all of them into clients. All six conversions came from this single process.

The end result we’re after is ‘dealflow’ — a pipeline of people coming to see you, ready to rock’n’roll.

Over the next posts, we’ll to break down how to offer a free strategy session that gives you a pipeline of prospects flowing to you, ready and excited to move ahead with your high-end coaching program.

Share your thoughts on this. I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.


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