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Types of Facebook Groups

I’ve got a question from a great client of mine called Mike. He’s asking about Facebook groups — how to best fill them and what to do when people join.

What questions do you ask?

How do you maximise the number of leads you get from a Facebook group?

We’ve got two different groups. One is for people who do $10,000 a month, six figures. The other one is more public, anyone is welcome to join.

Public Group

When people join the group, we ask three questions.

  • What kind of clients do you coach?
  • Would you like a free copy of my book? If so, what’s your email address?
  • Would you like to work with me to grow and scale your coaching business?

If they say YES, we message them.

We use a tool called Group Funnels once a day to approve membership requests. It’s clever because it automatically sucks the email addresses they put in when they ask for a copy of the book and sticks them into your CRM.

High-Level Group

We made this group to segment people out easier. We say you’ll only be admitted if you answer all three questions.

  • This group is only for people who do more than $10,000 a month. What’s your monthly income?
  • Are you committed to growing and scaling your coaching business for more Money, more Meaning, and more Freedom?
  • Would you like to work with us to grow and scale?

If they say YES or MAYBE, we private message them. We’d start a conversation and get them onto a sales call.

What You Need to Grow the Group

1. Super Signature

It’s at the bottom of every email we send.

2. Hydra Videos

The main source of new people joining the group. The top level of the Hydra is the Seven Deadly Sins. Every sin offers a tool which we tell them to join the group to get for free.

3. Call to action

In my daily vids, the CTA is always either “send me a message about working together” or “join my group”

4. Welcome

We add new people to the group every day, and once a week, the team automatically does a Welcome New Members post.

5. Buckets

Once somebody’s in the group, our hope is to get them in three places. We’ve got group, email, and chat.

Notice that when somebody joins the group. we ask them for an email address so we can send them the book and then if they’re a match we send them a message.

Our job is to get them into all three buckets.

 6. Case Study

Once in every first week of the month, we put up a Case Study Post, letting people know that we’re starting a new case study group designed to add $10,000 a month: If you’re interested in all the details, comment CASE STUDY below.

We do this once a month and keep it up for a week, then we take it down to create some desire for YES, some scarcity, it disappears. Got to get it next month and the last one we did got 320 odd requests.

If you have any questions, just let me know. If this is useful for you and you’d like some help with this stuff, just send me a message with the word PRIVATE at, and perhaps we can help you put together a strategy to fill your groups and your coaching programs as well.

Hope this has been helpful.

Talk to you soon.

Taki Moore, out.


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