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Experienced coaches have no trouble with this. They have worked with many clients who can vouch for them. 

But what happens if you’re just starting out? What if your prospects are going to someone else simply because that other coach has more people saying awesome stuff about them?

Candace asked me about this, which I answered in more detail in this video:


Winning without a bunch of testimonials in place is possible, but you need to ask the right question – why do people need them?

When someone first takes a look at what you’re offering, they might be thinking ‘This is cool, but I’m just not sure if I should commit.’ That’s when testimonials come into play. They reassure prospects and nudge them in the right direction. It’s really all about eliminating the risks of going with the wrong person.

Testimonials aren’t the only way to do this. And if you try to beat someone famous at their own game, you’ll likely lose.

But you can change the game.

Figure out the risks that your prospects are facing? In almost all cases, they are risking money and time. People don’t want to invest either unless they’re sure it will pay off.

The best way to hook them would be to offer a guarantee. A classic 30-day money-back guarantee will do the trick just fine.

Promise that you’ll deliver for them as they’ve never seen before. Then do your best to actually do it. And if you don’t, you’ll make good on the guarantee. They get to keep all the materials in those 30 days so they still receive something for it.

Let them know that they can’t lose. They’ll receive a bunch of stuff during the free trial, so either way, they’ll get something out of the arrangement. 

Watch this video to see how it works. It will help you compete with the more established coaches.


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