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Hey gang, it’s Taki here.

I’m going to answer a quick question today that was asked by a great client called Isaac. And Isaac asked a little bit about our Boardroom program. Some of the things I obviously can’t share are Boardroom details —it’s like Fight Club.

But the one thing he did ask was about how to keep people accountable. And so, rather than give you all of the details about how we do accountability in Boardroom, I just want to share with you something about accountability generally.

I’ve got some really strong opinions about it. It’s completely possible that I’m wrong. But in my experience, everybody says they want accountability, but very few people actually want accountability.

There’s a few different kinds of accountability that I’ve seen and the one that we use most.

Everyone says they want accountability. I don’t know very many people who actually want it. In fact, I had one client who came to me. He was like super gung-ho, young, super driven, very alpha. “Taki, I just want accountability.”

I’m like, “Cool, man. What would that look like for you?”

And he said, “I’ll send you a message every Friday with what I’ve done and what I’m going to do the next week, and I’ll do that every week.”

And I’m like, “Alright. Totally cool. So, would that be enough accountability?”

And he goes, “Yes. That will be great.”

And guess what, he never sent me a single message. I thought, well, maybe he doesn’t really want accountability as much as he thinks he does.

I could be completely wrong. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong. It’s possible.

I think there are three kinds of accountability that I’ve seen coaches use or people use when they want to make a change.


Self-accountability is where you make a promise to yourself and you try to keep it.

This is what happens often when you use resolutions, where you make a promise —’I’m going to get fit. I’m going to work out everyday.’ and then about —by January 3 or 4, 90% of people haven’t stuck with the self-accountability.

For the most of us, weak.

Nothing wrong with it as a concept, just most people don’t stick with it to make it happen.

Coach accountability

The second kind of accountability which is probably you’ve got some experience in delivering is “coach accountability”. And coach accountability is you do this task, and I’m going to check in on you in a few days or in a week, and you need to have your task done. And that’s cool —that’s good too.

Coach accountability is better than self-accountability by a pretty large factor.

Peer accountability

It’s when you commit to a group of friends that “I’m going to get this thing done.” And so, it’s like if I say, “Hey, let’s go for a run. I’m going to come to your place, I’ll be outside your door tomorrow at 7.

If I say I’m going to come to your place at 7, at 6:45, when you feel like sleeping in, you’re going to go, “Well, Taki’s going to be at my door. I don’t want to let my friend down.” So, you’re going to get out of bed and get yourself ready. Right? That’s peer accountability.

And so, I think out of the three, peer accountability is almost always strongest. And so, when you think about how to deliver accountability to your clients, don’t just make them self-accountable.

A piece of coach accountability is okay, but peer accountability is really where the magic is at. And so, think about how you’re going to add that into your coaching programs, okay? 

I hope this has been helpful.

Isaac, great question. By the way, if you’ve got a question for me, go to our Facebook group called The Dojo and tag me in a question there with #AskTaki, and might see you on a future video. It will be great.

Take care. Talk to you soon.


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