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How to Fill Your Calendar up with A-Grade Prospects


I’ve had a good morning. Got up early, went to the gym.

I had a couple of appointments with potential clients this morning which has both gone super well.

It just got me thinking a little bit about how to make sure that your calendar —every single week— is full of A-grade clients —of five-star clients, of people who are perfect to work with and not have to deal with tire-kickers.

Why ‘objection handling’ is BS

In today’s video, I want to talk about why objection handling is bullcrap, and why you don’t need to worry about adding objection handling skills into your sales training especially if you’re a coach or a consultant.

I know there are lots of different opinions about how to sell stuff.

Yes, there are lots of different trainings around handling objections in different kind of closing techniques that you should have as a coach or a consultant to sell your stuff.

The 2 Abilities That Set the Top 5 of Coaches Apart from Everyone Else


Just wrapped up a webinar with a great group of clients on how to audition their prospect better. 

I want to share you the two abilities that set the best salespeople —specifically, coach salespeople apart from everybody else.

So, if you think about what it really takes to enroll people into your coaching —to have a conversation —have them buy your stuff, there are two abilities that set you apart from everybody else.

How To Stand Out When Your Niche Is Crowded


I hope you’re doing really well. I’m here in Bali right now.

It’s just started to rain so you see a few little drops hitting the pool. It’s been a fun day today.

Just finished up a Hotseat with a client…

One of my favorite webinars to do every single month in Black Belt is where I take a client who’s doing some amazing work and we interview them to find out what they’ve been doing.

The Imposter Syndrome (What To Do When You Don’t Feel Good Enough)

Just had a great session with a client who’s asked me a question the other day and then inspired me just now to share a little bit about The Imposter Syndrome.

What do you do if you don’t feel good enough or there’s a part of you deep down inside that when no one’s looking, feels like a fraud?

Like, “Who am I to do this? What have I done? Am I good enough?

The 9 Accelerators: How to Scale Your Coaching Business Fast

I want to teach you the model that helps us scale coaching businesses.

I don’t know how much you know about the work that we do, but our job is really simple.

We take coaching businesses and take them from 10K a month —six figures— and help them to get to 1M  a year. And we do it with this model right here:

I’ve got an iPad here I’m going to draw on,

The 5 Simple Numbers to Grow Every Month


In this quick video, I just want to give you a heads up on the five simple numbers you should be tracking and growing —increasing— every single month in your coaching business.

I’m not much of a numbers guy. And so, I want to preference this by saying there are no spreadsheets involved, you don’t have to enter tiny numbers into little cells. I’m not a numbers guy.

But I do believe in tracking stuff that matters.

Build Something Great



I’ve been inspired a lot lately by a few great quotes and a couple of local businesses here in Hawaii. And I think there certainly —there’s lots in there for me to improve the way I work and the way we work as a business.

And I kind of hope that it inspires you to do something great for you as well.

So, let me give you like a little bit of a stack of like events —quotes,

The 2 Reasons Why People Aren’t Booking Sales Calls With You



In this quick video, I want to share one really, really important strategy that came out in a coaching call.

Yesterday, I tried to share it in a Live. The internet sucks at home, so, I’ve just finished up a webinar with our client, thought I’d share it here in our office with some good WiFi.

So, here’s the thing. I’ve talked to this client, and he’s really good at selling his stuff over the phone.

How to Coach Groups of Clients and Still Keep the Magic



In this quick video, I want to answer a question I’ve got at a Million Dollar Coach Intensive the other day from a great coach called John, who does lots and lots of 1:1 coaching.

The question was, “When I do 1:1 coaching, I get to do magic, right? There ae parts of helping people that you can really only do 1:1” —in his words, not mine.

And it’s the part where they bring you your stuff,