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​5 Keys to Building Awesome Slide Presentations​

​Slide presentations don’t have to be boring, slow, and cheap-looking, but most of them are. Here are 5 tips for creating stunning slide presentations that hold your audience’s attention, double your impact, and set you apart from your competition. ​

The 3 Funnels Every Coach Needs


In this quick #AskTaki, I want to share with you the 3 funnels that every coach should use if you want to build an audience, fill a webinar, and get clients NOW.

Pete, a good friend of mine, sent me a very simple yet critical question: “What are the main things I need to focus on with Facebook and funnels?

We can go all sorts of level of details,

5 Keys to Boost Your Conversion Rates by 20-30%​​

​When sales calls end in rejection, most coaches blindly push forward or overhaul their entire sales process, but there’s a better way. Here are 5 simple keys based on the proven methods of world-class athletes and sales legends that can boost your conversion rates by 20-30%.​

The VA Onramp™: How to Get Your VA up to Speed Fast

I want to share with you The VA Onramp™. It’s a system that we use to get virtual assistants up to speed quickly and onboard people well.

So, every month inside Black Belt, we have a theme around Attract, Convert, Deliver, or Scale.

September is a Scale month for us. And so, we’re working on the backstage of our business.

I just ran a webinar called “The Handler” about how to work with an assistant to help you make your weeks amazing.

3 Filters Every Coach Should Use To Maximize Productivity

​To-do lists are often seen as a staple in the arsenal of productivity tools, but sometimes they can grow out of control. Maybe some of the things on our to-do lists shouldn’t have made it there in the first place! Here are 3 filters you can use to keep your to-do list manageable for maximum productivity. ​

What to Do if You’re Feeling Flat

I want to show you what to do when you’re feeling a bit flat in running your coaching business – and not just quite feeling like yourself.

So I was talking to successful guys in my Boardroom.

Black Belt is designed to get people from 6 figures to a million dollars a year. Once they get to a million dollars a year, we invite to a secret, well not secret, private mastermind called Boardroom.

How to Stop Your Coaching Sessions From Going Overtime

I just finished up a Weekly Sherp, one of the calls we do with our clients every single week; hoping to get really clear about what actions to take over the next 7 days.

A great question came up and thought it will be really helpful for you.

And so, while I’m here at the computer, I thought I’d record a quickie for you about how to shrink down session time and stop sessions from going over time.

3 Things You Need to Create Great Work and Get Sh*t Done

I just want to share with you stuff about my favorite work environment for getting things done.

According to a friend of mine, Colin Boyd, there are three things you need for great work:

  1. You need a clear task.
  2. You need a distraction-free work environment.
  3. You need a set timeframe.

My favorite working environment is a cafe.

Cafes are perfect because there’s background noise.