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I want to show you what to do when you’re feeling a bit flat in running your coaching business – and not just quite feeling like yourself.

So I was talking to successful guys in my Boardroom.

Black Belt is designed to get people from 6 figures to a million dollars a year. Once they get to a million dollars a year, we invite to a secret, well not secret, private mastermind called Boardroom.

So I was talking to a couple of Boardroom clients a couple of weeks ago who both have incredible months.

One of them for example, signed 14, $2000 a month clients, sold a bunch of websites and doing 2 or 3 million dollars a year.Actually,

Actually, of 2 of these guys, similar situations made a ton of money and just feeling flat, and not that happy.

So these guys are earning a lot of money but feeling really flat, and feeling really weird about making a lot of money and feeling flat.

It’s a weird combination because most people will feel great when they’re doing great and feeling flat feels a bit odd. So it’s kind weird when you’re doing really well and you feel flat. It’s not abnormal at all. It happens all the time.

So here’s the fix which happened to these 2-3 guys.

What I got them to do is, well, I’m not interested with your head, I don’t mind about your psychology, but I’d like to have a look at your calendar. Because I know that your cashflow follows your calendar.

If you want to improve your business and you’re confused as to why it’s not working the way you want is.. show me your calendar.

I want to see what you’re doing, each day, each week to help yourself move forward. I want to see if you’re putting in the right kind of work or not. That’s good to a point.

And once you’re successful, once you’re already making great money, your calendar doesn’t only determine your cash flow, but it also determines your sense of enjoyment and purpose.

Each of these guys, we were on a Zoom call, showed me their calendar this week, then the last week, I just wanted to see the last three weeks.

In one of these guy’s cases, I’ve looked at his calendar for the last three weeks, his calendar was full of sales appointments which is COOL if you love sales appointments, triage calls, strategy appointments, which is fantastic.

I’m like dude, almost 70% of your week is full of sales calls and strategy sessions but how much do you really enjoy that?

He said “Man, I hate it. I’ve been doing it for 13 years, and frankly, I’m over it.

Well, of course, you feel flat. How could you not possibly feel flat if three-quarters of your week is doing stuff that you don’t really love that much?

Here’s the thing, the items in your calendar will either drain your energy or gain you energy. It’ll either juice you or drain you.

So, we had a look, which of these items drain your energy?

In each of these 3 guys cases, it was different. Each of them had 2, 3, 4 things that drain their energy. So what we did was created a list of the top 3 things in the calendar that were draining and the top 3 things that I’d like more of in the calendar that would give me energy. We started to re-engineer their weeks,

In this case, he was over the sales appointments, so what did we do?

We upgraded his assistant, Owen. One of his coaches, Owen to take that piece over. Owen’s busy learning the sales call now, learning the strategy sessions next. It’s already freed up a day, a week of this guys time. Soon to be three days as soon as he learns the next step.

It’s already freed up a day, a week of this guys time. Soon to be three days as soon as he learns the next step.

Business can still grow, more importantly, the coach can do the stuff and still have fun. Does it make sense?

So now, let’s talk about you.

The items in your calendar will either give you more life or take stuff away. I want you to look at your calendar. Do a quick audit.

Is it giving you energy? Is it taking away energy? And is that okay?

So look at your calendar, here’s what’s going on, so what? Do I like this or not? What am I going to do give me more energy, more fun, and more drive? Cool?

That’s this week Million Dollar Coach tip. I’m Taki Moore. Out.


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