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I just want to share with you stuff about my favorite work environment for getting things done.

According to a friend of mine, Colin Boyd, there are three things you need for great work:

  1. You need a clear task.
  2. You need a distraction-free work environment.
  3. You need a set timeframe.

My favorite working environment is a cafe.

Cafes are perfect because there’s background noise. Because frankly, silence drives me completely bonkers.

Some people love silence. I hate it. But I love the kind of background noise that I don’t have to tune in to. The ability to kind of pace in my office in water, coffee, and food.

Plus, I love to go analog. Pen and paper is my favorite way to roll, and so, it’s been fun.

My team and I had been talking about thinking and building a Black Belt Intensive; particularly about building an audience.

It’s funny because it started off with a bunch of tactical practical stuff; how to build a retargeting list, an e-mail list, a grower page, a group, and so on.

And then I was just thinking that — frankly if we want to build an audience, audiences don’t just gather.

Audiences gather for something. They gather for around a personality. Or around a feeling; or around a course — a fight — an ‘us versus them’.

They gather for a game or to take a stand, or to be connected to the tribe.

So, I was just kinda been exploring, but here’s the big idea.

My perfect work environment to get stuff done is where there is background noise that fills the space so it’s not complete silence, and not driving myself bonkers.

So, uninterrupted time with a pen and a paper. Analog, for short.

So, I just want to look and check in, and find out about yours.

How much of that stuff is true for you?

I remember hanging out with Dean Jackson a couple of years ago in a mastermind.

A couple of people walked in, and they flipped open their laptop, and he just looked at them, and he said, “There are no breakthroughs in your laptop.” Completely true.

They just closed their laptop, and then magic happened.

And so, I just want you to think about how you work when the best work happens for you.

Where are you? What’s around? What’s not around? Who’s there? Who’s not there?

Like, for me, I love to brainstorm.

And if I’m going to work by myself, I’m going to come into a place like this.

If I really want magic to happen, I’m going to brainstorm and jam with somebody else; either with Mike, or Kevin.

So how about you? What’s your ideal working environment? How do you bring awesome stuff into existence?

I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and we’ll continue the conversation there. 🙂


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