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In this quick video, I want to answer a question I’ve got at a Million Dollar Coach Intensive the other day from a great coach called John, who does lots and lots of 1:1 coaching.

The question was, “When I do 1:1 coaching, I get to do magic, right? There ae parts of helping people that you can really only do 1:1” —in his words, not mine.

And it’s the part where they bring you your stuff, and you reach into your bag of tricks, and you can make magic happen, and help them out.

And so, the question was, “How do you do that in a group?”

Awesome question. Got an answer because I just did it. And I thought it might be worth doing a quick little backstage peak.

So, I’m here in the “casa del webinarium” right here —the webinar room. And just ran a webinar that we do every single week with our Black Belt members called The Weekly Sherp.

The Weekly Sherp is the metaphor of a sherpa —the sherpa’s of somebody who’s been up the mountain a bunch of times can help make the load a little less —help you shortcut the process, get to the top quicker. Right?

Normally,  the Sherp team runs this. I ran it today.

And it’s really a group coaching call. And so, remember, the question is, “How do I coach a group and still keep the magic?”

Here’s how you do it...


The Four Key Questions

Every single week with our clients, we ask them a few questions. And so, The Weekly Sherp is built like this. I’m here at kind of control HQ with my iPad, current slide, next slide, and clients onboard.

We kick it off just by asking four key questions.

What are your biggest wins?

And this is important to ask because most of my clients —and maybe most of yours— run business where you’re the point person —you’re the coach, you’re the point person, you’re the person who’s expected to come up with the answers a lot.

And when you win, nobody sees. Right? And it’s nice to be publicly recognized.

For me personally, I love seeing my clients win. It does my heart all manner of good.

And it’s really important that your clients aren’t always —you personally, probably as well; are not always just kind of striving for the next thing.

We’re always kind of chasing the mountain instead of feeling good about the wins we’ve just had, and that inspires us to do more. So, we start with your wins are.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned?

Number two, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned? Right?

So, people are typing in their answers to this while we do the chat.

So, “What’s your biggest win?” celebrate the wins together.

Then read out people’s names and their wins, and give them a virtual high five. Right?

Next, “What have you learned?”

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

So, we built a culture in Blackbelt to be progressionists, not perfectionists.

We don’t want to just celebrate the wins, we want to celebrate the lessons as well.

So, what have you learned about yourself, about business, about culture, about clients, about marketing? Right?

The clearer I can be about what the wins are, then we can embed those learning so you don’t just kind of have it happen. But if we pause and reflect, things get better. Cool?

So, what are your wins? Number two, what are the lessons you’ve learned?

What are you working on right now?

Third question. A really good calibration question for a coach —”What are you working on right now?”

In the Weekly Sherp, people type in their answers into the chat box, if it’s a win, they do a capital W at the start. So, when I’m looking through the chat box, I could see which is which.

If I can see 50 comments, I’m looking for the W so I can call out the wins. And then when it’s a lesson, it starts with a big L so I know lesson, lesson, lesson. When it comes to a project, I know what people are working on.

I love this question. It starts to focus my clients into kind of, “What do we really need to work on?” But it also helps me kind of get a finger on the pulse about what individual clients in my group are working on, focused on, what’s kind of keeping them awake right now?

What do you need most right now?

And then fourth, the most important question. What do you need most right now? —coaching question —every coaching call should start with “What do you need right now?” Right?

But we can go, “So, what do you need most right now?” And so today, Michelle, over in the UK said —she’s one of the people on the line— she said she needed a hand with getting opt-ins at a live event where she’s a guest speaker.

She’s got 40 minutes to teach X topic. Normally, she’d do a call-to-action which is “Bring me your card at the end of the break.”

But she’s got two speakers directly after her, and she’s first.  There’s no break for about an hour and 20 minutes after her.

And so, we needed to come up with a way to do this.

So, the previous three questions —the “What’s your wins?” and “What are your lessons?” and “What are you working on?”, these are questions that people type in their answers to and I see them in that little chat box.

When it comes to “What do you need help with right now?” people will type them in, and that’ll give me a sense of what they need, and we just unmute.

And so, it’s me and my client, 1:1 connecting.

And here’s what’s cool about that…

I get to do the magic. And so, do you.

People always say, “1:1 coaching is better than group coaching.”

I think if that’s the case, you’re doing group coaching wrong and you’re limiting yourself by only doing 1:1.

I love 1:1 coaching. But I love doing 1:1 coaching in a group format.

I think it’s a bit special.

So, people say what they need most right now, and I can take them off mute, and I can help them out. For me, I’m a draw-er, so, while this conversation’s coming up, we can talk about it and the call-to-action happens.

So, here’s what I’m wanting to say from today…

Firstly, give you a little backstage behind how we run group coaching webinars and how group coaching can be as good or better than 1:1.

But the other thing that I love about it is while I’m helping —in this case, Michelle— as soon as I’ve chatted with Michelle, I can open up —come up from the level of Michelle and I to the group and co-coach.

“So, what was the biggest ‘ah-hah’ you just got from this interaction with Michelle and I?”

People can share their insights. “Perfect. How can that apply to you?”

Fantastic. And here’s how we wrap up the webinar.

Every one of these webinars has worksheets which go along with it, but if we have to simplify it, now we go, “So, what are your top three takeaways from this? What are three things you’ve learned?”

I’ve learned this and that, and that.”

“Fantastic. Okay. Great. What are your first three actions?”

Because inspiration without action is nothing. Does that make sense?

So, that’s the goal.

I want to show you that running a group coaching webinar can be as good —even better— than just doing it 1:1.

Here’s what’s cool about it…

It allows you to serve more people.

It allows you to do the magic —the kind of creating fun whether you get to do when you’re working 1:1 with clients.

In fact, today in helping Michelle out, I built a brand new strategy for getting more leads from a live event.

And it wouldn’t have come about if she and I hadn’t chat today.

So, to Michelle, I want to say thanks to you for this piece. Anyway, that’s a quick little backstage on how to help clients in a group format so they get the same kind of results they get if they work with you 1:1; but now you scale it, you can help more people, you can make more money, you can have a ton more fun.

Hopefully that helps.

Talk to you soon. Taki Moore, out.


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