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We are well into our nomad year or two around the world. I’m in Hawaii right now.

I just finished up a coaching session with a client. A couple of things came out of it.

I want to share one of them with you.

So, firstly, a little bit of background. Her name is Vanessa, and over the last little while working together, her business is at $750,000 a year which is awesome.

Two years ago, she would have been thrilled.

Today, frankly, she was a bit frustrated because the only thing better than a $750,000 coaching business is a million dollar coaching business; and she’s not quite there yet.

So, today we worked on it.

One of the things we looked at was she’s gone a little bit overwhelmed, and like there’s lots going on.

I don’t know if that’s happened to you where the weeks get a little bit crazy, the days get pretty full, and at the end of the week, you feel like, “Wow, I’m really busy. I’m kind of —like, I was really busy, I was really tired. What do I really got to show for it —I helped other people with their businesses a lot, but what about me and what about mine?

And so, I don’t know if that’s ever happened to you. If it has, then let’s do something about it today. There’s a tool that we use called The Ideal Week™ which is something that we did a little bit of today.

And if you’d like a copy The Ideal Week™ worksheet, then jump into our Facebook group called The Dojo.

And so, a couple of big ideas.

Years ago, I got inspired by a guy called Dan Sullivan.

I mention him a lot because I think —frankly, I think he’s really smart.

He’s very generous with his content and a really really cool cat. And he talked about Neapolitan ice cream.

You know Neapolitan ice cream? Probably had it when you were a kid; a big tub of ice cream, and in it.

Let’s just say we’ve got some strawberry ice cream. You’ve got your vanilla ice cream in the middle, and then you got chocolate —this is one I’m going to struggle with because I usually don’t draw in brown. 

And Neapolitan ice cream works the way I want your week to work.

You’ve got your chocolate, you’ve got your strawberry, vanilla keeping them nice and separate.

You have your marketing, your coaching, you got your sales, and you got your fun.

Everything’s kind of nice and tight. And what happens is if we’re not careful about it, your week ends up looking the way that Neapolitan ice cream looks if you leave it out in the sun for four hours.

And that is that there’s —just this kind of gray sludge.

There’s no vanilla anymore, there’s no chocolate anymore, there’s certainly no strawberry.

Everything’s kind of blended together; mushy, not that appetizing. And that’s what happens to your week if you’re not in control of how it goes. Have you ever had this?

So, here’s what we want to do. We want to put the containers back in your week to get chocolate-chocolate, strawberry-strawberry, vanilla-vanilla.

And so, with Vanessa, I said —the moment I heard overwhelm, I went, “Let’s have a look at your calendar. Like, if this is a week right now, how does it look?

And well, there’s this here, and there’s this thing here, and that thing there. And in between, it’s sort of a little bit of everything goes in the middle.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of that. And so —anyway, there’s a lot of everything going on, and the days were starting early and now finishing late, and things were all over the place.

And so, here’s what we did…

We just made a list of all of the things —I said, “So, what are the bits which are fun?” And so, we came up with a new calendar. But the thing I want to be really really clear about is that we put the fun back in her calendar.

Years ago, I remember hearing John Maxwell, the leadership speaker, say, “The question isn’t ‘Will my calendar be full?’ The question is, ‘Who will fill my calendar?’”

In other words, is it going to be you or them?

In other words, is your calendar going to be filled the way you want it by design? Or is it going to be filled the way they want it by default? Right?

And so, let’s just make your calendar better right now.

I want you to think about the IP —ingredients of an ideal week —not just business, but personal too —what would be fun, where would you go, etc.

And so, with Vanessa, we realized that there was kind of two bookings in the week already.

There’s some tennis in the morning on a Monday, and there’s some tennis in the morning on the Friday. And then anything else was just mushy. Right?

So, she’s got a content delivery thing—webinars with clients. And then everything else just happen.

And so, one of the secrets is to put in day-type barriers.

So, for example, we’ve gone from tennis; go home, have a shower, head off the mountains to The Four Seasons, do some marketing work.

Actually, get some time for your business, not somebody else’s. Right?

Instead of looking after everyone else, you got to put your own mask on first.

So now, we’ve got this kind of nice thing where Monday, this blue line is ‘Don’t talk to me.’ ‘You can talk to me on Tuesday or afterwards, but before that, it’s my time.’

So, about weekend, and then tennis for some fun —get moving in the morning, and then go up the mountains, get some altitude, and work on things. Right? Then what?

Well, then, we got this content delivery thing. After that, how are you feeling?

Usually, after content delivery, I feel mentally energised but physically tired. So, let’s do something a little bit less physically taxing straight after that.

Let’s go coaching on Wednesdays. Money on Thursdays. So, sales day’s on Thursdays. Tennis on Friday, and let’s draw a line after tennis and bungee off, go explore a little bit.

And as we saw the build up this week, energy came back.

Starting to get kind of a little bit excited, frankly, about what’s possible and how things could look.

And so, all I want to say for you is this, if your days and weeks are a little bit crazy right now, maybe don’t let somebody else control your calendar; maybe it’s time for you to put some ‘I want it to look like this.’ and then whoever does your scheduling, they can fill the appropriate slots.

So, now, when the client says, “Hey, I’d like to talk to you.”, “Great. We do that on Wednesday. So, I’ve got this spot, this spot, or this spot. Which would you prefer? Done.”

Sales calls, when do they go? Well, they go on Money Thursday; and here are the available slots. Does that make sense?

In that way, the workflow starts to look the way you want it to look.

The last little piece that we added which I think is pretty cool —which is actually what prompted this video right now— is if you do a coaching session and you help a client do something great, let’s capture that momentum —the good thing that you just did and share it.

And so, instead of just doing —like, back to back to back to back to back coaching sessions all day long —not much fun —right?— what if we did a coaching session and then half an hour break? So, it wasn’t like coach, pee, coach, coffee, coach, pee, coach, coffee.

That’s not fun.

So, you want to do something that’s energising. And so, what if there was a 30-minute break in between sessions? In which case you can do your coffee and all of that stuff. But then look t what you just did and go, “Huh, what of this would be good for my marketing?

And then either write a blog post or —like I’m doing right now— do a live or shoot a video about it.

And so, this came after a session with her.

This is a great little lesson for you. And life gets really, really good. And now all of a sudden, you get a week that energises you instead of stressing you out or burning you out. Cool?

So, I like I said, this was a kind of a rough on-the-fly that we did together.

And frankly, your week could be the most energising thing in the world or the most draining thing in the world just based on how you control your calendar.

We’ve got a tool —like I said— called The Ideal Week™ which walks you through this; a short video and then a couple of worksheets which just help you build out the most incredible week ever so that you get to have the best fun.

Everyday is themed. Every session —every day gives you energy, and you don’t have to do the crappy stuff any more.

And if you’d like a copy, jump into the Facebook group called The Dojo. And I’ll put a comment with the link to it once I’m off here. And if anyone’s already a member, feel free to copy in the link or paste in the link, that will be great. And I’ll show you how it’s done. Cool?

It’s time for us to go have some lunch. Kids are knocking at the door. They want to bust through my Neapolitan. So, let’s call this workday done. Get out and have some fun.

Thanks, guys. It’s been really fun today. Take good care. I’ll talk to you soon.


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