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Taki here. Hope you’re doing really well. In the Goldie on my bonus day and off to get some breakfast for Kiri-Maree who’s chilling out.

In this quick video, I want to talk to you about the three things I want for you.

Three things I want for you and they’re not sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops.

Although, I’m a big fan of at least two of those three things.

My friend Dean Jackson has a super happy fun day; something that he does regularly. And this is one of the —we’re just having a super happy fun day.

Anyway, so, three things I want for you more than anything else in the world are things that, frankly, I’ve been enjoying for the last couple of months.

I’m just thinking about this when I had breakfast with Andy Smith, who’s just driven up from Sydney. 

And he said, “What’s been the best about travels?” We’ve been like four months nomad-ing so far. And honestly, I think we’re living in the dream —having more fun than I’ve ever had in —more fun that I’ve had as an adult in a long, long time.

In fact, yesterday, for dessert, I had a popsicle fondue which is two vanilla ice creams on a stick that you dip in melted chocolate, and then roll around in chocolate sprinkles.

Anyway, three things I’ve been enjoying, three things clients have been enjoying, three things I want for you. I want more money, more meaning, more freedom. They are the three big things that I think every coach could use a little bit more of.

More money

Matt, one of our clients in the States, has gone from 35 grand a month when he joined us to $200,000 —I think 230 was his income last month. $230,000 US.

And, dude, if you hadn’t told me that when I first got into the coaching world —that somebody could make that kind of money in a month, I would’ve wet my pants in hysterics; laughing at the possibility.

Like, back then, if somebody did $30,000 a month, they were just like a huge deal.

And on Saturday, I spent a great day with our Boardroom guys here in the US.

Every single person there is doing over a hundred grand a month; all in the million-dollar a year ranges. They’re in Boardroom.

But here’s what I want for you; I want you to have more money.

Because frankly, the more cash you can earn, the more incredible things you can do for your family, and friends, for your clients.

And frankly, you just lead the way and show by example what’s really possible. So, first thing, more money.

More Meaning

Secondly, more meaning, the chance to do incredible work; make a tremendous difference in the people you work with.

The Blackbelt intensives are one of my favorite things to do all year. We only get to do them three times a year in Sydney, three times a year in the States, and it’s an absolute blast to do.

I would happily pay to do this. It’s really fun. Why?

Because there’s a chance to make a tremendous difference. Like, you can make great money as a coach and for some of you, that’s going to be your made deal.

But I think most of the people who get to work with, feel like we’re put on the planet to do big things.

We’re good people, we want to help. And the chance to help people out is amazing.

And so, like Cyril, one of our clients, took a family holiday over to Sri Lanka — gorgeous time on the beach for a week with the extended family. And when the extended family left him, his wife, and their kids four days to teach in an orphanage in a school. 

So, contribution or more meaning is about making the biggest difference — biggest impact — you possibly can.

And whether that’s charity work that you do on the side or frankly incredible work you do with clients, that makes a difference. Right?

I’m just completely overwhelmed by the amount of progress our clients make every time we get together just to check in and go, “So, show me what you’ve done with what we’ve done together.” And the results are completely humbling.

And that’s really the reason we do what we do. You could spend your life doing —you got to spend your life doing some work.

So let’s do work that makes the biggest dent possible. Yes?

More Freedom

Thirdly, more freedom. The last four months, we’ve been nomad-ing around the world with — by the way, the beach is lovely.

Going nomad in the last few months, we’ve been everywhere, man. We’re having so much fun. But freedom isn’t just freedom to travel, it’s freedom to do what’s important.

And it’s very hard to be free when you are stuck doing 1:1 time-for-money sessions with clients all day long.

So, I just want to give a shoutout to Ed who’s gone from 36 contact hours a week down to six. Freed up 30 hours a week to create amazing stuff, new strategies for his clients, to spend more time with his kids, and his family, and more time having fun.

And so, I think more money, more meaning, more freedom is frankly what it’s all about.

And if your coaching business doesn’t give you as much money, as much meaning, as much freedom — income, impact, and independence as you like, then, it’s probably not your fault.

There’s a really good chance that the model you’re following is somehow limiting one of those three things that we want to change. Cool?

So, I’m just going to walk to the local coffee shop to get breakfast for Kiri-Maree.

Probably one of the things I need more is more fitness because I’m huffing and puffing a little bit which is embarrassing on a Facebook Live with you while I’m just at walking pace. But that’s the deal.

So, more than anything in the world, here’s what I want for you. I don’t want sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops —although they’re lovely.

But I do want to have more money in the next 90 days than you have before; more meaning and impact in the next 90 days than you ever have before; and more freedom in the next 90 days than you ever have before.

So, if you’re in Blackbelt, then I know that those three things are rushing towards you at a rate of knots —more money, meaning, and freedom.

And if you’re not, do whatever you can to up your income, and your impact, and your independence.

If you’d like some help with that, obviously, I’d be honored to walk you through that journey and take you on The Million Dollar Plan. And you can just send me a message on Facebook saying, “Hook me up.” and I’m happy to give you some info on how we scale coaching businesses.

I’ve got a book called Million Dollar Coach that’ll show you all the deets, and I’m happy to send you a copy for free as a gift. Just send me a Facebook message and say, “I’d love a copy of the book.” and I’ll get you a free copy.

Listen, big love from me. I hope that the next 90 days is extraordinary for you as it’s going to be for us.

Here’s to you, and sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops; or money, meaning, freedom.

Your choice.

Take good care. I’ll talk to you soon.


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