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London is freaking awesome. It’s full of London cabs funnily enough. And street performers.

So, here’s the thing I learned. We got into London Saturday night. And we –at the airport, a guy met us in a Mercedes Benz Vito.

One of those kinds of black van things. So, we all piled in. Me, Kiri-Maree, Jacinta, Aroha, Ethan, and Vera. 

So, we’re in a car on the way in. And it’s probably like 9 or 10 o’clock at night. And on Facebook, I saw it first –started hearing about the attacks. And obviously, awful news. Terrifying. Terrible, awful, horrible thing.

And as we got in, we started hearing sirens everywhere. Because we’re staying right here. Like, right in the middle of the city.

And honestly, I was a bit freaked out. We’re coming to London to have a good time. And –dude, nothing kills a good time like nutbags killing people on a bridge.

London has also seemed to love being in my videos which I think is quite funny.

Anyway, so, we go to bed that night; up late, watching the news and it’s horrible. Every few minutes, there’s an update. And people who had nothing to do with any of it died. It was awful.

So, the next morning, we wake up, tried to put it out of our head. And we head down –this is Lester’s Square, and we head down that way. 

Anyway, we’re walking down Regent Street, looking for somewhere to have breakfast. And it’s all very normal.

People are just getting on with their life. Nobody’s freaked out, nobody’s scared, nobody’s panicking.

People are shopping, and working, and walking, and eating, and laughing, and just doing normal stuff. And they don’t have to deal with terrorist attacks here in London for a long, long time –40 years during the IRA stuff.

They’ve had way more than we have in Australia, for example.

And anyway –but here’s what I learned.

It was the next day –the next morning. And people just getting on with stuff.

And I’d be thinking about –really impressed, frankly, about how quickly they bounce back from a really horrible situation where there are people in other parts of the world -including probably Australia would be still in a panic and in the drama spiral, and God forbid, invading other countries. That stuff.

Here’s the thing I learned…

I learned about the 24-hour rule.

Don Shula who used to be the coach of the Miami Dolphins had this rule for his teams.

Whether they had an incredible game on Friday night or what is it? Friday nights -Saturday nights -whenever it was.

Whether they had an incredible game or an awful game. Whether they destroy the competition or they lost, the team had 24 hours to either celebrate a victory or bemoan a defeat. 24 hours.

And at the end of the 24 hours, what do they have to do?

At the end of the 24 hours, it was back to practice, game on. Right? And so, I just want you to think about that a little bit.

I don’t know if you’ve had the most incredible week of your coaching life. Or frankly, a crappy week where bad things happen despite your best efforts.

No matter what’s happened to you, the people of London just got back on with it, and going about the business of living.

And so, I think that’s the lesson right there. You got 24 hours to either celebrate a victory or bemoan a defeat.

And so, if you’re having an awesome time, partying is great. Celebrate for a little bit, and then get back on with it.

Because frankly, yesterday’s victories don’t guarantee anything for today or for tomorrow. And if you’ve had a shit time, then, again, just like Don Shula used to do; 24 hours to bemoan a –celebrate a victory or bemoan a defeat, and then get back on with it.

Anyway, I’ve just arrived at my door. Here. 29A. Time to go in and eat.

Guys, it’s been really fun hanging out. I had the most incredible time.

Just loved exploring and we’re off to Barcelona. That’s going to be really, really fun. Just wanted to share a little bit of an idea with you about the 24-hour rule. Whether it’s been amazing or not, you got 24 hours and then move on.

Take good care. Big love. Talk to you soon.


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