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I hope you’re doing really well. I’m here in Bali right now.

It’s just started to rain so you see a few little drops hitting the pool. It’s been a fun day today.

Just finished up a Hotseat with a client…

One of my favorite webinars to do every single month in Black Belt is where I take a client who’s doing some amazing work and we interview them to find out what they’ve been doing.

This was this client’s second year anniversary inside Black Belt.

In other words, he’s been with us for the last 2 years. And don’t want to give away his details for his privacy, but 2 years ago, we met and he was at $20,000 a month and was dreaming –if I could hit $40,000 a month, I’ve got it made.

And he was such a great guy. Really good implementer. Just an incredible human being.

And so, today, we were celebrating because, over the last 2 years, he’s gone from $20,000 a month with a goal of $40k a month.

And this year, he’s on track to hit to $200,000 per month which is freaking awesome. And I’m really proud of him.

Anyway, he was talking about his story today, and when we got to the end of the interview,  one of our clients asked him a great question.

He’s in a really competitive niche; quite saturated. Lots of other people trying to do what he does.

And so, the question they’ve got to ask was ”Your niche is really, really crowded. There’s lots of competition. Isn’t it really hard to stand out?

My client said something that was fantastic.

In one sentence, he said, “People don’t buy coaching. They buy coaches.

And so, what he meant by that was that there are lots of other people -there might be hundreds of people who do what you do. But no one’s got your style -your personality, your story, your strengths, your vibe.

And so, there’s going to be people who love you and hate me. And that’s totally okay. I hope they work with you. You know what I mean?

And there’s going to be people who hate you but love this other guy’s vibe.

And so, here’s the thing…

There is a market for everybody. And so, I think that the number one answer to competition is to never look sideways.

Just make yourself busy looking forward that you don’t focus on what anyone else left or right is doing.

The answer is how do you be the best you could possibly be?

People don’t buy coaching, they buy coaches. Right?

And so, if that’s the case and the question is how do you need to show up to make sure that they buy you?

So, I’ve got a quick question for you right now.

What are 3 words to describe you at your best?

Can you do us a favor and just leave us a comment?

What are 3 words to describe you at your best? Because that’s what really people buy.

Really interesting.

This coach is –he’s incredible at social media. Specifically, video on Facebook.

And hardly any of his content is business-related; it’s all life lesson, life story, personal struggle –from the heart stuff.

And that adds a ton of credibility too.

He’s e’s paid marketing, he’s all business, and he’s social. He’s all kind of personal.

And so, he says, people will click on an ad and they’ll go and google it.

So, people buy coaches and that’s who you are at your best, let’s make sure that we dial that up –we take that and we’d level 10 it.

Make complex simple; right?

So, we want to take the best of you and amplify it across the way you show up.

So, there might be some people who claim to do what you do. But there’s none of it who do it the way you do. 

So, yes, what do I do?

I help coaches get to a million dollars a year.

Yes. That’s the ‘what we do’.

But there are very few people who do it the way we do it with the same level of kind of care, and love, and style, and class, and cheekiness.

Does that make sense?

What would my 3 be?

Simplify, inspire, and create -are the 3 things that I do best.

Who am I being when I’m at my best?

I think  -hopefully inspiring, and encouraging, and a little bit magic. 

Anyway, so, I just want to give you a little bit of encouragement if you’re feeling like -dude, there are so many people out there doing this, don’t look left, don’t look right.

I don’t care what the other people are doing.

I just care about how you show up when you do what you do.

Yes, there’s so much never shoes on these feet.

I just want to give you a little bit of encouragement today.

It doesn’t matter how many people are doing what you do. None of them can be you.

And I guess that’s an encouragement…

A, to not stress about anybody else. But this is also a real encouragement to make sure that you do show up as you.

If no one else can be you, then let’s make sure that you –at least you show up as you as a level 10. 

Alright. So, we’ve just ordered lunch. It’s on the way. I’m starving.

Anyway, I think that’s all I had to say. 

Team, people don’t buy coaching, they buy coaches. So, make sure that you give them someone great to model. Okay?

You’re a leader. Show up that way.

Thanks, gang. Ta. Ciao.


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