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Sell With Webinars: How to Show Your Coaching Program’s True Value

The marketing genius, Dan Kennedy, once said there are two rules of marketing.

  1. Put ladders in front of people.
  2. Don’t climb up other people’s ladders.

Why are we talking about ladders?

Here’s the thing: when you put a ladder in front of someone, they naturally want to climb it.

The moment you place a ladder in front of your prospects, they’ll instantly see where they are right now,

Sell With Webinars: How to Sow Seeds of Influence in Content that Converts

In the last post, we talked about how selling higher-priced coaching programs requires a one-on-one conversation — usually in the form of a free strategy session — between the webinar and the sales appointment.

The problem is, getting people to sign up for the free session at the end of a webinar can be really tricky.

What you do in the close of a webinar is really important for getting prospects to take the next step with you,

Why You’re Not Filling Sales Appointments with Webinars (And What You Can Do About It)

Most coaches know that selling an expensive coaching program requires more than the basic sales letter. We’ll either need a live event or some sort of one-on-one conversation in our sales process to get people to say yes to a higher-priced offer.

I’ve found that one of the most scalable ways to get prospects to a sales appointment is through a free, one-on-one strategy session we’ll offer at the end of a webinar.

Most of us are crystal clear about that,

How to Train Your Webinar Audience to Take Action

Nobody wants their webinar to be a boring, one-hour monologue that doesn’t sell, but so many coaches are stuck with exactly that.

I get it.

We all want more engagement in our webinars, but pulling it off can be a bit of a mystery… until now.

We’ve talked about the reasons why coaches need to drive up their webinar engagement and in the last post, we looked at the first step to pulling this off.

How to Transform a Boring Webinar Into an Engaging Workshop

Let’s face it. Running a webinar can be super weird.

If a stranger walked by your desk and saw you talking to your computer for a solid hour, they’d probably think you’d lost your mind. I think we could all get past the initial weirdness, though, if everyone on the webinar was really engaged and you made a ton of sales at the end, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. People are often unresponsive and don’t buy.

Why You Need More Engagement In Your Webinars

I want to show you how to increase the amount of engagement you get on your webinars.

This strategy works for both teaching and selling webinars.

If you handle the engagement well, great things can happen. But, if you get it wrong or miss it somehow, you can really shoot yourself in the foot.

First, let’s look at the problems coaches face with webinar engagement.


I’m not sure how many webinars you’ve run,

How to Get Prospects to See You as the Solution to Their Problems

Over the last several posts, we’ve been looking at a concept I call stretching the gap. This is so crucial to the sales process that skipping it usually results in you pushing your program too hard on a prospect who’s just not that interested.

They end up making excuses why they can’t buy, and you end up wasting your time and missing out on a sale.

Obviously, that’s not what we’re after.

​How to Get Prospects To Realise They Need Your Coaching Program​

Lots of sales processes are pain-focused. You dig for the pain, find the pain, and use the pain to sell your program. These processes can be great and they have merit, but it’s even more powerful to start with a vision of the end result and contrast it with their current reality.

I call this process of contrasting stretching the gap. In the last post, we talked about the first step: painting the picture. This is when we help our prospects get really clear about where they want to go.