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Who Controls Your Sales Process?

This is something I think has the potential to make an incredible difference to you and your coaching business. It’s not lead generation. It’s lead conversion.

It’s a specific strategy we’ll apply to your marketing that will dramatically increase the results you get while dramatically decreasing the amount of effort you need to put in.

I call it “Setting The Buying Criteria.”

The Problem

Let me walk you through the problem this fixes.

Sell Without Selling: How To Gift Wrap Your Sales Appointments

In the last blog, I introduced you to Tristan Bond – a coach who was approached by his joint-venture partner about running a webinar to members of their network.

These members were in Tristan’s target market, but he was prevented from doing any selling by the JV partner.

To work around this, we came up with a plan that allowed Tristan to keep his JV partners happy and still generate great sales figures.

The first step we covered was inviting the members to an education-based marketing event that promised to help them with one specific problem.

Sell Without Selling: Host An Education-Based Marketing Event

Have you ever been a situation where you needed to sell without selling?

It may sound odd, but let me give you an example.

I had a client, Tristan Bond, who was in a really tricky position. He coaches healthcare practitioners (dentists, chiropractors, etc.) and was approached by a big health fund about running a webinar for them.

On one hand, he was super excited about the opportunity to connect with loads of people in his target market.

Maximise Your Influence by Speaking To Your Prospect’s “Little Voice”

In every live event or webinar, we want to influence prospects towards buying our coaching services, among other things. Obviously, we’re trying to provide high value and build a connection, but we’re also trying to make a sale.

To install influence most effectively, there’s something we need to understand about human nature.

Everyone has two personas – a public self and a private self. This is true for me, you, your prospects, clients,

How To Remove The Pressure From Sales Appointments with Application Selling

In the past, a big part of what made a coach successful was their ability to stomach the uncomfortable sales process.

These coaches didn’t mind dealing with the typical roadblocks from prospects in sales appointments – roadblocks like not enough money and bad timing.

They didn’t mind dealing with the pressure. And make no mistake, there’s a ton of pressure on everyone involved in the sales process. There’s pressure on you to perform well in the meeting.

How to Order Your Marketing and Sales for Successful Conversions

John bit the dog. The dog bit John. Same four words, but when arranged in a different sequence, they have an entirely different meaning. Especially for John!
— Tony Robbins, MONEY Master The Game

Marketing Sequence. It’s not a topic that coaches hear a lot about.

We’re usually busy hunting down the newest strategies and best practices for our marketing and sales. But, finding the right strategy is only half of the battle.

Increase Your Webinar Close Rate By Answering These 3 Core Questions

If you’ve run a live event or webinar before, you probably know that delivering your content (the ‘meat’ of your event) isn’t the most stressful part.

It’s the close – the time you make your offer, with the goal to convert prospects into clients.

When you get the close wrong, you feel lousy. You’ve missed an opportunity to provide value to your prospects and make a sale – not exactly our dream scenario.

It’s tough to get it right,

How To Increase Your Coaching Prices And Feel Bulletproof About Your Value

Are you completely satisfied with your coaching prices? If so, congratulations!

If not, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Just the other day I spoke with three coaches, all at different places in their careers, who are struggling with pricing.

The first conversation was with a brand new coach. He said that because he’s just starting his coaching program, he has no clue what charge. When you’re starting out, it’s a perfectly natural question to ask.

How to Convert Webinar Attendees Into Clients Using Desire-Based Tension

The Close.

It’s the most important part of your live event. It’s the moment you finally make your sales offer.

If you get it right, people will jump all over your offer, begging to buy from you. If you get it wrong, all the energy and preparation you put into the event will feel like a waste of time.

Some coaches have no problem teaching and interacting during the live event, but when it comes to the close,

How To Create Webinar Content That Teaches and Sells

When hosting a webinar to generate sales, you probably follow the typical structure. For a one-hour webinar, you’ll spend 10 minutes on your introduction and 15 minutes on your offer and closing remarks at the end.

That gives you 35 minutes to teach valuable content to your prospects. If all goes well, some of those prospects will buy your coaching program.

Coaches often give away their best content. They teach and teach and teach,