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How Many Steps Are There in Your Sales Process?

I want to talk to you about getting the right number of steps in your sales process. If you have too many people will slip through the cracks and not convert. If you have too few then people won’t take the steps in the first place because it is too big of a jump. Let’s get the number right and get you some sales.

So here is the situation. I was on a Skype call yesterday with a Black Belt client from California and he had some questions about setting up a new file to sell a high-end service he has packaged together.

Keeping Your Promotions Fresh

How To Make Prospects Stay Engaged

I want to talk about how to keep a promotion fresh. What do you to if you’re promoting the same event time after time after time? I’ve got a regular workshop series time after time. How do you keep it fresh so prospects stay engaged and actually respond instead of getting tired and turning out?

So in Black Belt, one of the things we work on is to create your workhorse conversion event.

How To Sell High-Priced Coaching

Black Belt Webinar On How To Sell High Priced Coaching

What do you say at the end of a sales appointment?

Where do you start to talk about your program and how you’re going to help people?

What do you say that actually gets them to say: “That’s exactly what I need!”

“That’s exactly what I want and sign up with you.”

That’s what we’re going to answer today.

Confused Prospects Never Buy

There’s one thing that stops prospects dead in their tracks. No matter how excited they are about signing up with you getting sales, there’s one that if they bump against this roadblock it’s going to kill the sale instantly.

How To Get Rid of It

We’re going to identify, we’re going to get rid of it, so you convert much more often.

So here’s what happened, on Friday I was on a live coaching call with my coach marketing members and a coach called Steve from the US.

Pre-Sell vs. Hard-Sell

A New Applicant For Black Belt…

I was on a Skype call with a gentleman who wanted to join Black Belt, my elite coaching program for people who want to go from stable to successful and then scale. And that was his situation. Already doing about ten thousand dollars a month and wanted to go to twenty and thirty as quickly as he could.

So in the consultation, I got him really,

Getting Down To Business

A couple of months ago, I was feeling out of shape. I hadn’t looked after my body for a while.  I was on the computer all the time or on the phone a lot. Not doing anything for my body, always in my head and I really wanted to do something to get my energy back like I used to have when I was younger.

So I asked a couple of my friends, Dale and Andy because I knew that they both started working out with a personal trainer and it turns out they were using the same guy,

Getting Prospects to Commit

I want to talk to you about selling. How do you install conversion confidence into your marketing and sales process so people know up front?

“If I work with you, here’s how it’s going to work, and here are the results that I’m going to get.”

If you’re certain enough confident enough they can pull the trigger and commit to themselves too, to their future and to you.

Also in your marketing and in your sales,

Case Study: “Breakeven Coach Makes $336k on His First Webinar; Pays off Mortgage in Cash.”

In the following Video, Tristan, a Black Belt member shares how he went from $15K per month, to earning $336K from one webinar. In the last 6 months he’s made half a million dollars — this is from taking what he had (his experience, skills and desire to grow) and 3 strategies from Black Belt. But instead of me telling you about it here, why don’t you watch the video to hear Tristan explain how he did it in his own words…