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I want to talk to you about getting the right number of steps in your sales process. If you have too many people will slip through the cracks and not convert. If you have too few then people won’t take the steps in the first place because it is too big of a jump. Let’s get the number right and get you some sales.

So here is the situation. I was on a Skype call yesterday with a Black Belt client from California and he had some questions about setting up a new file to sell a high-end service he has packaged together. There are two options:

  • A done for your service or;
  • A group training service.

Both are really good price points and we wanted to get the sales process just right. So we mapped it out. We had a flow chart from when they first made contact all the way through to they buy one of these two packages. Then we had a whole bunch of steps and options in between and when we had to decide, number one, do we do a free consult or a paid consult. When you do the consult do you diagnose and then come back with a report? You know a report with strategies and recommendations or do you do it in one step? We ended up creating and falling back on a really simple sales process.

The 15 Minute Consult

The process is, make contact, offer a 15-minute consult. 15 minutes for free. It’s a really great easy way for you too;

  1. Build rapport and qualify in or out
  2. Two it makes it safe for them to say yes to you because 15 minutes feels safe.

No one feels like they can be sold anything in 15 minutes. So it goes lead, offer 15 minutes consult. Then after the 15-minute consult, we can offer a paid consult which in his case was a funnel order for a $997 or a grand. We decided to do that in one step so there wasn’t a funnel order do a funnel report yourself. So it goes lead, 15 minutes, $1,000 funnel order with recommendations and an offer to join one of the two programs. Really simple.

The Critical Aspect…

When you build your sales process it’s critical to not have too many tips. I know lots of coaches have a 12-30 step process. Too many steps not needed. The more steps you have the more opportunities for prospects to fall out. All you need is the minimum number of steps. In this case its lead, 15 minutes, sales call done. In between these steps we need one piece of communication to stick the appointment and make sure it happens. To stick the appointment and make sure it happens and here we make the sale.

So the lesson is really simple. If you have too many steps its possible for people to fall through the cracks, but if you have too few steps the height of each step is too high you actually get a decreased through putter. In other words not enough prospects in the funnel. Get your sales process just in the right amount of steps and you’ll watch through up increase and conversion rate increase as well.

I’ve got a question for you: How many steps are in your sales process and where do people slip through the cracks?

Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear. Let’s continue the conversation down there.


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