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I want to show you how to increase the amount of engagement you get on your webinars.

This strategy works for both teaching and selling webinars.

If you handle the engagement well, great things can happen. But, if you get it wrong or miss it somehow, you can really shoot yourself in the foot.

First, let’s look at the problems coaches face with webinar engagement.


I’m not sure how many webinars you’ve run, but there’s a certain amount of weirdness that happens.

You’re alone in an empty room with nobody else around and you’re talking at your computer like a lunatic. It’s a bit weird.

While you’re talking at your computer, others are listening and watching on their computers and it’s just a little strange.

They say the first sign of going mad is talking to yourself. Running webinars can feel a little bit like that.

Of course, while we’re facing our computer, we’re talking through it to the people on the webinar, but regardless, it feels a little weird to talk to a screen for a solid hour.


The second big problem is that webinars can be boring for your audience. When people are bored, they become unresponsive.

If they don’t respond at the beginning of the webinar, and they don’t respond to your content, they certainly won’t respond at the end.

Have you ever been on webinars like that? The presenter puts up slide after slide of bullet points and just reads them out loud, one after the other.

It’s incredibly boring and doesn’t encourage a response.

It makes you want to say, “Hey! Why don’t you save us both some time and email me a PDF of the slides? It’ll take me four minutes to go through them and we can both get out of here.”

They Don’t Buy…

The third big problem is that people don’t buy. At the end of the webinar when you get to your offer and make your big call-to-action, instead of a mad rush of people clicking the BUY NOW button, it’s nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds.

It’s weird, they’re not responsive and they don’t buy, which just makes everything awkward.

It’s awkward for you as the content deliverer and it’s awkward for them as the receivers of the content.

Let’s not do that. That’s what happens when you get engagement wrong.

When You Master Engagement…

On the flip side, when you do this well, great things happen.

In Your Element

First, you feel like you’re in your element.

If you can create engagement, it transforms the webinar into a genuine conversation and the whole thing becomes an immersive environment.

I’m a terrible surfer, but what I love most about it is that when I’m surfing, I’m 100% in it. I can’t think about anything else. It puts me in a state of flow because it’s so immersive.

When you do webinars well and create engagement the right way, it will be really immersive. You’ll be 100% in the zone.

Responsive From Minute 1

Second, instead of them being bored, unresponsive, and falling asleep, they’ll be responsive from the very first minute.

We want to create a relationship that’s built around the true definition of rapport.

In NLP terms, a friend of mine once said that rapport is defined as a relationship of trust and responsiveness.

Most people try to earn people’s trust and then ask for responsiveness. On a webinar, though, you don’t have time to slowly earn their trust and hope for responsiveness.

Instead of trying to earn trust in a small amount of time, you should assume trust and demand responsiveness. You’ll find that when you assume trust and demand responsiveness, people will react accordingly.

It’s not just great from a sales point of view, but it’s way better for everybody involved because the whole webinar becomes much more fun.

Stampede Of Response

Finally, when it comes to the offer at the end, you’ll have a stampede of response. Instead of crickets and tumbleweeds, people will rush to do the thing we want them to do.

When you get this right, it will feel a bit like they’re in the palm of your hand — not in a manipulative way where we get people to do something that’s bad for them, but more like a dance where you lead your partner.

When you shift to the left, they shift with you because they’re following your lead.

We want your webinars to feel like a dynamic and engaging relationship. When you say to do something that’s in their best interest, they’ll respond and decide if the final YES is right for them as well.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below, and we’ll continue the conversation down there.


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