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How to Break $1M in Your Coaching Business in the Next 12 Months

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Why Your Coaching Business Model Is Broken

I’ve realized that nearly every business model is based on the idea of keeping four key stakeholders happy. This is where it all begins. For a model to work, it has to meet the needs of all four. Let me explain.

1. You

The first and most important stakeholder is you. Our goal is to build a business model that you love and gives you exactly what you need. It needs to give you the money,

How to Build the Perfect Product

We’re talking about how to put together a course using the framework we call The Signature System™. When you think about it, every course is designed to solve one particular problem, and there are three key parts in building a signature system for you.

How To Package Your Expertise (or Coaches: Let’s Get Off the Hamster Wheel)

Are you going around and around your “coaching” hamster wheel?

Are you feeling trapped by your coaching career?

Are you disappointed that your coaching career—which you dreamed would offer you great freedom—is starting to feel like a prison of your own making?

Are you working backbreaking hours and still feeling the pressure to chase clients and make more money?

Are you just running faster and faster but getting more and more frustrated?

The 3 Reasons Why Most Coaches Fail

Most of us become coaches because of the promise. It’s the reason I became a coach, and it’s why most of the coaches I talk to became coaches.

This promise is made up of 3 things. When you made the choice to become a coach, it’s probably because of these reasons.

The first reason is income. Coaching can generate incredible cash flow. You can earn a great living, lead a great lifestyle, and (some coaches) make a small fortune.

Why Coaches Lose Clients Over The Holidays

The phone rings and it’s your client…

You know, Christmas is coming up, and I’ve been thinking… We’re going away for a little while and things are getting really busy around here. With all of the family stuff and the travelling, I think we should just take a break.

It sounds a little like a bad breakup. If you’ve been in the coaching game for any period of time, you’ve probably experienced something like this.

How to Price Your Coaching Programs Confidently with the 10X Rule

There are two big mistakes I see most coaches make when pricing their programs.

They undercharge, and they’re under-confident.

These two go hand in hand. When a coach lacks confidence, they fail to charge the right amount because they don’t know if they’re worth it. In turn, by undercharging they don’t generate enough income which results in a lack of confidence. It’s a nasty cycle.

After a while, this causes them to undervalue themselves,

The Signature System

I want to talk to you about how to put up a 6-week course to sell your stuff.  There are a couple of different price points you can sell and programs you can run, But I think a 6-week course is a great way to start a 1:Many Coaching Program.

The Signature System

Alright, so when you put together a 6-week course, at a price point between $500 or $8k, depending on the outcome that you deliver for your clients.  

How To Boost Your Business In 90 Days

I’m going to show you how to kick more ass, take more names and boost your business in the next 90-days.

We just finished up our Black Belt Intensive in Sydney and in LA about a week or two ago, and from there I shot out to here in the Philippines where I’m shooting this video for you right now but one of the things that we innovated, improved, or made even better inside of the Black Belt Intensive was we had:

Day One – Master Class
Day Two – Implementation Day

Which means that the whole day was focused on getting stuff done,

The Frontstage Backstage Opportunity

I want to talk to you about how to get the front stage and back stage of your business sorted so you can spend more time doing the stuff that you love and way less time doing a lot of the admin groundwork that you, probably, hate.

A Tale of Two Stages

So, every business has got a front stage, and every business has a backstage.

The front stage is when you’re front of a house,

3 “Quicks” For A 60-Day Turnaround

I don’t know how your business is doing right now, whether you’re absolutely smashing it or you’d had a tough month or somewhere in between.

I want to let you know that 60 days is all you need to go from where you are too, you know, 20 or 30 or 40 thousand dollars a month more than where you are at right now.

So, a little while ago I got a message on Facebook from a client – in fact,