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As coaches, we know that we regularly need to keep in touch with our prospects, but finding what to say and how to say it can be tough.

We don’t want to be pushy in our content, but we also don’t want to give too much away. Erring on either side will get us ignored by our prospects, which is the last thing we want.

Instead, we want our prospects to be addicted to our content. We want them to consume it and still be hungry for more – like popcorn during a movie.

We’ll jump into how to do this through Soft Teaching, and how to make it rock.


Shift Your Value

Most coaches think that there’s only two kinds of value. They look at value in terms of extremes.

You can do it the bad way, which is no value & all pitch. Nobody wants to be the no-value/all-pitch guy, right?

Without value, people tune out.

Or, you can provide high value and pump out tons of useful content.

When your focus is “Content, Content, Content”, though, prospects get full. They don’t pay attention to your offer because they feel like they’ve gotten enough from your marketing.

Why would a prospect buy your coaching program if you’ve already given them everything for free?

The solution isn’t to pick between no-value or high-value.

It’s not a less or more game, it’s a different game altogether.

I don’t want you to shift from no-value to high-value, or from high-value to low-value. I don’t want you to split hairs to find the right ‘balance’ either.

I want you to shift to a new kind of value completely.

The kind of value game I want you to play is soft value.

With soft value, you create connection. You create hunger. You create desire-based tension.

What is Soft Teaching?

Let me explain by showing you the difference between content with high value (Hard Teaching) and content with soft value (Soft Teaching)

Hard Teaching gives the HOW. Soft Teaching gives WHY.

Hard Teaching teaches the system. Soft Teaching tells a story.

Hard Teaching makes people full. Soft Teaching makes people hungry.

Hard Teaching might show prospects all the steps. Soft Teaching gives only one or two of the steps.

The idea is to give people a taste of your coaching. It should make them aware of what you teach in an entertaining way AND make them want more.

We want to shift our value. Instead of providing no value or high value, we want to switch up into soft value.

It’ll still be useful every time, but it’ll also be entertaining.

We want to create something that people want to tune into, again and again.

I used to be scared of selling, so I got good at marketing to replace that deficiency. My initial strategy was to deliver great value, so I shifted all the way to high value.

People loved it, but they didn’t buy. I got tired, and they got full.

What changed things for me was when I switched from Hard Teaching to Soft Teaching.

Since then, my business and my life have become easier.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Leave a comment below.


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