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Why You Need to Find The Sweet Spot Between Telling and Selling In Your Content Marketing

The line between content and marketing has become really blurry. It’s nothing new, and you’ve probably heard me say this before. If you haven’t, then just look around you.

Take newspapers as an example. In the ‘olden days’ when everyone still read newspapers, you’d have a news story on one page and a very separate advertisement on the next. Sure, there were some smaller ads sprinkled throughout, but readers could immediately distinguish between ads and news stories.

The 2 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Buy Your Coaching

Thousands of studies have been conducted on consumer purchasing behavior. You can find hundreds of books on the subject of why people buy, why people don’t buy, and why people fail to make a decision at all.

The findings are really interesting, but if you want a detailed summary, go look for it somewhere else.

When you boil it all down to its essence, there are really only two reasons people don’t make a purchasing decision.

The Most Important Web Page You’re Not Using

By now, you must know how important a lead magnet is for your business. It entices new prospects, builds brand awareness, and gives you a new email address for your list.

Here’s the typical process. First, a prospect clicks on the lead magnet offer you’ve placed in a blog post, website, email, or Facebook ad. Then they’re sent to a landing page where they can give their email address in exchange for a lead magnet, usually in PDF form.

The Most Common Facebook Ad Mistake That’s Costing You Clients

Have you ever experienced this?

You need a new car, so you look at your options, do some research, and pick out what you want. Then you start to see that car everywhere you go? It’s like thousands of cars just like the one you want suddenly appear on the streets the moment you make up your mind.

It’s crazy, right?

Well, there’s a common sales mistake I see everywhere, and once you know about it,

Where Most Coaches Go Wrong in Facebook Advertising

Several months back, we ran a Facebook ad campaign for a two-day workshop I was hosting in Sydney and San Francisco.

As we started planning, we realized we were in a tricky a spot. We only had a few weeks until the event started, so we need to create and run a campaign that filled the event quickly without coming across as too sales-y.

We had to move fast, and because of the tight window of time we were working with,

3 Keys to Pinpoint Your Target Market for Facebook Ads

A lot of people misunderstand what true advertising is. They believe the ad itself is the most important part of every advertising campaign.

The truth is, the perfect ad that’s sent to the wrong audience won’t deliver the results you’re after. To be successful you need to a great ad AND a specific target market. It takes both. A terrible ad sent to the right audience won’t get results either.

I recently ran a two-day workshop in Sydney and San Francisco.

The Ascension Model

The Ascension Model

One of the things that we were talking about earlier is the ascension model. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it but a lot of marketers teach you to run your business.

The Ascension model has something free in your funnel, something cheap, like a tripwire, something not so cheap, something expensive, something really expensive, and something really really really freakin’ expensive. That’s good in theory, and they say that about 20% of the people in each step in your funnel will upgrade to the next step.

How To Choose The Perfect Niche For Your Coaching Business

On the last post, we looked at the most common fears coaches have with niching.

They don’t niche because they think they’ll lose out on opportunity or they’ll lose variety in their coaching business.

While these reasons have some truth, the benefits of niching your coaching business outweigh the risks by a long shot. Instead of cutting your opportunity in half, you’ll actually triple it. Instead of missing out on variety,

3 Fears Coaches Have about Niching (and How to Overcome Them)

If you’ve ever seen my stuff before, you probably know I’m a big fan of niching. More specifically, I’m a big fan of giving niching a fair shot.

I’ve known a ton of coaches who struggle to get their prospects’ attention, and often it’s because they’re marketing as generalists with no specific target in mind.

When I bring up niching to them, though, they tend to pull back, clam up, and list out their fears with moving to a niched business.