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There’s a huge difference between content and marketing content.

When someone writes 2,000 words about their cat, it’s content. When they rate and review the top five restaurants in their neighborhood, or explain how to make fancy curtain rods from plumbing parts… it’s also content.

That’s completely fine. Content is lovely and serves a purpose, but as coaches, we’re interested in marketing content.

Marketing content is created with the specific purpose of getting people to take action with you. ‘Action’ could be opting in for your email list, registering for your webinar, booking in for a strategy session or triage call, etc.

Marketing content is content designed to sell your next step, whatever that next step may be. When you get it right, it’s unbelievably valuable.

Right now, we’ll look at the first of three key principles you need to make your marketing content sell your next step.

Arrest Their Attention

Have you ever been on the highway, driving with your family over the holidays when traffic comes to a complete stop? It’s like everything’s going fine and, all of a sudden, you’re at a standstill because of a car accident ahead.

As you get closer, you see the lights from the police cars, ambulances, and tow trucks and realize the wreck is on the other side of the road. It shouldn’t impact your flow of traffic at all… but it does. Why?

Because people can’t help but slow down and look out the window. Even if it’s just a fender-bender, they can’t help themselves.

You want to create marketing content that has a similar effect. You want people to rubberneck because your marketing content is so good it forces them to pay attention.

Once you’ve got your audience’s eyes on your stuff, you can move them wherever you want them to go.

There are three quick tactics you can use to arrest your audience’s attention from the start.

1. Use a Unique Angle

First, you want to take a unique approach to your content. You’ll say something that’s super useful, but in a really intriguing way.

Maybe your title is contrarian or surprising. Maybe it quickly overcomes their objections or gives them a guarantee. Maybe it’s a shocking statistic or it plays into their fears.

When you use a unique angle, it catches your audience’s eye.

2. Become an Oddity

Second, you can stand out by being an oddity. I’m not saying to aim for weird — just different.

For example, if everyone else’s Facebook ads are in full color how would you stand out?

Make your ad black and white. It’s not weird — it’s different and makes you stand out.

You can be an oddity through your image, your style, or a unique approach to a common topic.

I know a coach who runs a video blog. He knows that as people browse through YouTube, all the video thumbnail images start to look the same. He decided to take advantage of this.

Do you know how people’s faces can look really weird when shown in super slow-motion? He used these really odd video frames of his own face as his video thumbnails that show up on YouTube. It’s really funny, and it makes his video stand out.

You’re different than everyone else, so use it to your advantage.

Rage against beige! Be different.

3. Start Punchy

Whether your marketing content is a blog article, newsletter, video, or podcast, you want to start with something punchy.

Many top podcasts, for example, take the funniest moment from the episode and use it in the opening so listeners think, “Wow, this sounds interesting. I’m going to listen to the whole thing.”

A lot of movies use this same tactic. Instead of showing the events chronologically, they’ll start with a climax or crisis and then go back and explain it.

Start with something punchy to arrest their attention.

Next on the blog, we’ll look at the second key to creating marketing content that gets prospects eager to take the next step with you.


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